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Are You Suffering or Safe?

Isolated/Insulated — it’s all a matter of perspective.

‘Isolated’ and ‘Insulated’ – in English – share the same origin: the Latin word ‘Insula’ (island).

Essentially they are the same word.

One suggests excluding an individual from their surroundings.

The other suggests protecting an individual from threat.

One is about keeping the individual safe. The other about keeping the system or community safe.


When you find yourself without connections, as all of us sometimes do, are you isolated or insulated?

When you are denied a connection you want, or you being punished or protected?

Often it is both, but how you experience it depends on the perspective you choose.

When people break connection with you, perhaps they also remove threat. Instead of experiencing isolation, you can relish a time of safety and retreat.

Sometimes you are so concerned to avoid threat, you run away from connection.

Sometimes you isolate, sometimes insulate.

Sometimes you are isolated, sometimes insulated.

How you choose to see it will define your experience.

This is not to deny reality, but to understand that reality is both what exists and how we respond to it.




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I’ve spent three decades as a performer, teacher and director across Europe, the Americas, India and Australasia. My particular focus was on deep-level training of performers, specialising in presence, interconnection and creativity.

I now work as a consultant, teacher and mentor across corporate, educational and community fields, mentoring individuals in applying the 8 Principles of Presence and training people in Communicating With Confidence.

I’ve written two books: ‘Encountering Ensemble’ and ‘Climbing the Mountain’ and I’m currently completing a new book on the 8 Principles of Presence.

My approach to training is called Self-With-Others and forms the basis of all my work.



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