Selfie can be useful and it’s not a joke

I am always interested in the stories where any useless stuff transforms into the important and necessary thing. This story is about how it’s possible to use Selfie not only to gain followers on Instagram but also to promote business issues successfully.

Mass hysteria of the last generation or the result of the using an indispensable feature of modern devices?

Why is the Selfie option so important for users on social media? Who was the first one who made Selfie? And what is more important, is it possible to use Selfie with a profit for business? Sounds impossible but let’s dive in.

The history of the first Selfie: who did it

If define a selfie as photographing yourself, then the first photo made this way was not connected with smartphones and Instagram. Robert Cornelius was the first person who made a self-portrait on a camera in 1839. This date can be considered as the birthday of Selfie.

The popularity of selfies has increased with the advent of social networks. It seems like the first online Selfie can be associated with MySpace, where users posted their hand-made photos as profile images.

When Facebook became popular, the number of Selfies increased. However, Facebook users preferred to post quality content and photos. Fortunately, today there are many ways to optimize images on social media.

The real “Selfie boom” was raised by Instagram. The self-portraits grew into a real cultural trend. Now we can see pictures in lifts, restrooms or transport everywhere.

Besides, the culture of self-photography has different forms. For example, you can find the following:

· Drelfie — a drunk selfie

· Helfie — a picture of hairdo

· Shelfie — a photo with a bookshelf.

· Grofie — а group panoramic selfie

· Relfie — а relationship selfie

· Malfie — а man selfie

· Bifi — а bikini selfie

· Pelfie — a picture with a pet, etc.

This list can be indefinitely continued and come up with the new types. Actually, social media users are doing this with pleasure.

The most famous Selfie

The most popular Selfie was created in 2014 during the Oscar ceremony. By the way, the host of the ceremony Ellen DeGeneres made a great advertisement of the white smartphone that was used for that picture. You can find it on Twitter.

Are they so useless?

Realizing the high popularity of Selfies, some companies and famous brands started to use this modern phenomenon and turned it into the tool for attracting new followers and potential buyers.

An excellent example is contesting on Instagram. Fanta has created special self-banks for this.

The effect of such activities for brands may seem discussible. But it’s possible to track the posting results with any analytics tool or SMM-service.

In the end, I would like to recommend 5 services that will help you to create gorgeous Selfies:

· Everyday

· Selfie Cam

· Facetune

· CamMe

· Afterlight

So, as we see, even such a simple and useless activity as Selfie can benefit brands and attract new followers and buyers.

What do you think about Selfies? Do you know how to use them properly?