Break up with your binder

Are you ready to make the switch to paperless?

This February, we encourage you to take on our #breakupwithyourbinder challenge!

Does this scene feel familiar to you? The computer screen covered in sticky notes with barely legible handwriting, a desk covered in papers — addresses, envelopes, order details, and a planner opened to the page from three weeks prior. Tasks are likely falling through the cracks, as are people. There’s no telling all that might be forgotten because of hidden sticky notes or inefficient filing!

Our Head of Community, Janessa, ready to break up with her binder in the Summer of 2016

Are you currently using a paper system to manage your business? Or maybe no system at all? (It’s okay, you’re not alone — 97% of direct sellers we surveyed didn’t have one either!) Whether or not your setup is working for you, I’m guessing you’ve thought about switching to a paperless system. As modern people, we are often on the go, and it’s not always convenient to bring binders along for the ride. But how do you know if a paperless system is right for you? And when is the right time to make the switch?

Over 96% of direct sellers that we surveyed in 2018 were using a paper-based follow-up system, but only 6% of them felt confident in their system (they marked an 8 or higher on a 10-point confidence scale). These consultants were using binders, planners, worksheets, and post-it notes. Valerie Wallace told us how she felt after going paperless before making a big move:

I was able to get my office cleaned up so that I can put my house on the market. Gone are the days of searching through tons of files of paper receipts for customer follow up!

Marie Grajeda shares how going paperless enables her to work her business anywhere:

I can follow up with my customers with a simple tap on my phone while I wait for the kids to get out of school, during practices, or while waiting in line at the grocery. Way better than having to carry my thick, messy follow-up binder with me.

Two months after making the switch to a paperless follow-up system, 86% of these same direct sellers surveyed indicated they were confident with their new digital system (an 8 or higher on the same, 10-point confidence scale). There’s really never a wrong time to make the switch because of the immediate impact on your business — no matter if you’re new or a seasoned pro.

We invite you to start 2019 on the right foot by joining the #breakupwithyourbinder challenge! With the right tools and support, you can feel more confident in your business and see more success.

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