Hello, world! We’re here to change the direct sales industry

We believe that every entrepreneur — no matter if they work from a big office or from their car while waiting to pick up their kids from school — has a right to achieve personal success. We also believe that many of today’s modern-day entrepreneurs don’t always find themselves sitting in one place throughout the day, and they need to be able to build and grow their businesses from anywhere. No matter how big or small your business, every entrepreneur often finds themselves buried in a constant flow of daily tasks that can easily take over their days, weeks, and months.

We’re not only a technology company building an experience to empower entrepreneurs across the world but more importantly a community of (mostly) women who cheer one another on and are constantly exploring and redefining what it means to run a business in this modern day world, particularly for direct sellers.

Me and my co-founder, Phil (our CTO), holding a sign I made that we posted on social media when we first began starting working together. We knew we had to get creative to look for direct sellers who wanted to be a part of something new!

My co-founder Phil and I started this journey almost four years ago. We were both familiar with direct sales and knew many direct sellers personally. What surprised me was the use of mostly paper-based systems to manage businesses.

After talking to hundreds of direct sellers over coffee, meals, phone calls, and web chats, Phil and I knew we wanted to start a company focused on empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals no matter how busy their day was. This meant not only building a product but also an uplifting community that could provide practical advice and resources.

Fast-forward four years. We’ve evolved our initial idea by talking to hundreds of more entrepreneurs across the globe and by constantly asking our community what we can do better to support them and their businesses. We launch this blog today to share our learnings from our community and to provide a fresh perspective in the direct sales industry because we want to change people’s initial reaction when they hear the word “direct sales.”

Thank you for being here and for joining us. 🍍

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About Us

We launched in 2015 with the mission: build both a product experience and a community for direct sellers around the world.

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