Dream big, do small

Ahh, don’t you love that new year smell? The busyness of the holidays are so last year, and now there’s space to breathe and to think about the upcoming year ahead. Do you have big dreams for 2019? If you haven’t thought that far ahead yet, give yourself permission to dream big right now. Sit down with a notebook and a warm beverage and picture yourself in the same spot in January 2020. What does your life look like? What did you accomplish? Don’t be afraid to really dream big — a lot can happen in a year! Think personally and professionally: what would you like to see happen with your family life, your home, your friendships, your finances, your career?

Capture your goals in a place where you can easily refer back to it

While it’s important to feel content and happy with where you are right now, dreaming big allows you to move forward in the direction you choose, and adds zest and anticipation to our daily routines, making our hard work worth it. Write down your goals where you can see them every day. Rather than worrying about the right number of goals, focus on the “why” behind each goal and decide whether you can commit to each one. Creating an action plan for every goal is the best way to understand how to achieve your big dreams.

Turning your dreams into an actionable plan

  1. Create a timeline or due date for each dream. When do you want to accomplish them by? Be sure to consider big life events and adjust your time frame accordingly.
  2. Write down all the steps that are required to achieve each dream. Is the timeline realistic? It’s okay if it’s not! You just might have to adjust the due date as life throws you curveballs, but that isn’t to say your dream is not achievable.
  3. Write down daily tasks necessary to achieve each dream. Depending on how big your dream is and how long your timeline is, you might not be able to do everything right away. If your timeline is a year, for example, write out milestones for every quarter. You can even prioritize your top 5 tasks for each day, on a weekly basis to stay laser focused.
  4. Add space in your timeline to account for emergencies or setbacks. Leaving yourself some wiggle room will help you to feel more in control (because you are!) and prepared. You don’t want to feel constantly in crunch time and have to say “no” to everything fun that comes up.
  5. Plan celebrations along the way to reward your progress. You’re working very hard to achieve a really big dream you’ve been thinking about for a while. These celebrations will allow you to recognize your progress and all the effort you’ve put in getting there.

It might seem more fun to picture yourself at the end of your dream, soaking up the great feeling of joy and accomplishment, but you can’t be sure you’ll get there without making a plan and doing the work. With big dreams like yours, winging it is not an option! Stick with your plan and keep checking in throughout the year to celebrate your progress and adjust your plan and approach as needed.

Instagram Vision Board Challenge

Create a virtual vision board for 2019 that expresses your big dreams for this year and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #visionboard2019. Tag us (@mavenlabs) so we can cheer you on! 🎉

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