Making your schedule work for you: 3 steps for success

If you’re like most people, you might be spending the better half of your day thinking about what you need to do and when you need to do it. But don’t let the never-ending task list intimidate you — it’s possible to manage the chaos with daily habits that you can start incorporating into your routine today.

1. Dump the disarray

As an entrepreneur, you might feel like you’ll break while juggling the dozens of priorities for your business (and life!). Making sense of what, how, and when tasks should be completed is a daily struggle.

Start off the morning with “brain dumping”

Enter “brain dumping,” one of the simplest strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Select a time each day to jot down all the upcoming projects and what you’re currently working on. This doesn’t need to be a tidy list; let loose and write down everything you can think of. Next, pick several, but no more than 10, and rank them in order of importance. If you look at your list and you know it won’t advance your business or help you achieve your vision for the year, it shouldn’t be one of your top priorities.

Work through your list throughout the day and don’t worry about the rest for now. Move whatever you don’t finish to the top of your priorities for the next day.

2. Flirt with flexibility

Just because something worked six months ago, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you right now. From one season to the next, schedules can change drastically. Perhaps you connect with your clients while you’re sipping your morning coffee or sitting on the sidelines at your child’s volleyball practice. But when your kid joins the early morning swim team, cutting into your sunrise sip sesh, your work window will likely shift. Don’t be afraid to adjust office hours and alter systems to roll with those life changes.

3. Commit to consistency

Do you work your business in 5-minute snippets during school drop off, your wait in the Starbucks line, and commercial breaks? Or are you one to schedule “power hours” throughout the week? Whichever you prefer, consistency is crucial to your success. Develop a schedule and stick with it. Daily consistency versus power hours — is one better than the other? Not necessarily. Choose what best fits into your life schedule and keeps you motivated. When you find yourself being less consistent, re-evaluate your priorities (brain dumping to the rescue!) or adjust your schedule to your life’s new season. As long as your systems help you avoid procrastination and distractions, you’ll be making the most of your day!

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