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Mar 29 · 2 min read

The female entrepreneurs and leaders in our community inspire us with their determination, strength, and perseverance. We asked some of them: what advice would you share with a young girl aspiring to start her own business one day?

Clockwise from top left: Jessica Villareal, Rachel Hutchinson, Ikelia Francis & Madeline Tipton

“I would share three things. One is you must never stop learning. Personal self-development is a must or you will not make it through. Two is you must be willing to change your mindset and understand that you never fail: you just learn another way not to do things. Perspective is everything in life and business. Lastly, I would say be ready to work diligently and intentionally. Create a plan of execution and work on that plan every day until you get to where you want to be. Along the way, you may need to tweak or change the plan, but you never stop working the plan.”

Jessica Villareal

Don’t stop when it gets hard. It can be daunting to jump in feet first without knowing the outcome. Dedication, hard work, and persistence are key in order to grow and develop as a leader and those hard situations will make you so much stronger. So dive in, do the thing, and don’t let anyone derail your dreams, not even yourself.”

— Rachel Hutchinson

“Remember to always be YOU! DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE BUT YOURSELF! You are your biggest hurdle and competition. Remember that nothing amazing happens when you stay in your comfort zone! Be bold. Be brave and stand out! You are unique in your own way, share that with the world through your business and you will be unstoppable. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. No risk, no reward!”

— Ikelia Francis

“My advice for young girls is that anyone can make a difference. If you feel the pull to do something, just go for it! When you’re young, it’s all about finding your way; you don’t have to know it all to make a big impact. You are young, fresh, and your passions are so needed!”

Madeline Tipton

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