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Mar 31 · 3 min read

Direct sales businesses are often family-run businesses: you’ve probably met couples and siblings who embark on business ventures together. In Californian Holly Giuliano’s case her two daughters, 10 1/2-year-old Nina and 13 1/2-year-old Ava, work with her on their skincare business. “I love having this unique opportunity with my girls. I think it is such a brilliant way to empower them,” says Holly of their business. Nina and Ava say, “It’s fun because we have a product for teenagers so our friends are interested and are some of our best customers!”

Nina and Ava were given special permission to use Instagram for their business, which Holly says was difficult at first given the challenges other parents and teens face with social media. They also assemble fun and unique gifts for customers and help make local product deliveries.

Holly will also ask for their help on other business tasks as needed, like setting up for events and doing product demos. “We just work the business as our schedules allow, which is the beauty of this kind of business,” explains Holly. Holly knows their success happens because they work as a team:

“My daughters provide accountability. We keep each other going on the tough days. It really is so much fun when you get to do something you love with people that you love.”

Personal growth

The mother/daughters team has learned about business basics and marketing through company training, conferences, and workshops aimed at both moms and the teens (sons and daughters alike). Nina and Ava also get the opportunity to build new friendships and network with other young entrepreneurs at these events.

“They are learning business and life skills while starting to earn an income, which means they will be ahead of the game! These are skills they simply cannot learn in school. And what better way to instill confidence?” says Holly.

Fiscal responsibility

Nina and Ava are both competitive gymnasts and spend most of their time at the gym when not in school or working their skincare business with their mom. The flexible business allows them to earn money without having the restrictions of a traditional after-school job. “They know that the money we are earning is going into their college accounts and they are very grateful for that.” Holly adds, “Occasionally when there is something special that they want to purchase, they feel empowered knowing that they can use some of this money that we earned together.”

Stronger relationships

Raising entrepreneurs has its benefits on the mother-daughter relationship as well. According to Holly, “We get to spend a little extra time together because of this business. We are able to travel together. It’s truly created an incredible bond.”

When asked about how they feel about running a business with their mom, Nina and Ava say:

“We plead the 5th. (just kidding!) We like that our Mom started this business for us to work together. It’s definitely unique because none of our friends do anything like this. Our friends think it’s really cool that we have our own business cards!”

Holly hopes that when the girls are away at college in a few years that the business will still keep them connected in a way that other parents don’t have. The skills the young women are learning will benefit them as they enter college and the workforce in a few years. Ava definitely wants to run her own business one day because she appreciates the flexibility it gives her mom to be available for her and her sister. She loves the idea of “working from home on my own terms!”

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