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We’ve updated our search experience to ease stress this holiday season

In our latest posts, we’ve talked about ways to organize your contacts list to help you identify marketing and sales opportunities. However, as messages and sales pile up, keeping a completely organized list doesn’t always happen as planned. And that’s okay.

We know that getting holiday communication out early this year is especially important since a majority of shopping will take place digitally and shipping delays can be stressful for both you and your customers. To make sure you can communicate efficiently this season, we recently updated the AMI Contacts Search experience to include searching by email address and phone number (in addition to contact name).

Here’s how this little feature boasts big impact for you this season:

Manage customer relationships outside of your immediate circles

As you’ve expanded outside of your network, your customer base has likely included people you don’t know too well or even know at all. You may have had a quick text or email exchange with these customers when they ordered and moved on to the next thing on your list.

Panic mode! Has this ever happened to you?

We get it: We’ve had #poweredbyAMI sellers (and even our own teammates) tell us that they like to keep their phone contacts strictly for people they know and leave unknown business-related numbers in their text inbox. It’s easy to keep their information stored in AMI without changing the organization of your phone contacts.

But then a customer from an unknown number texts you again — with follow-up questions or a new order — and a moment of panic sets in: Who is this?!

Now you can enter their phone number into the contacts search bar in the AMI app and find their customer profile, pull up their previous order, and continue to provide amazing customer service without needing to ask them for their information.

Identify someone with outdated information

If you’ve started following up with customers who haven’t ordered in a while, you may encounter a situation where an email bounces or your text doesn’t go through because a contact has changed their information since you last interacted. Now, you can search by an email address or phone number to identify that person.

Once you have their name and potentially other contact channels, you can try a different channel or cross-reference their information with your previous records or back office to find another way to message them.

💡 Pro tip: Once you’re able to get in contact with someone with outdate information, send them your Contact Form so they can update their latest information for you. Once they submit the form, their profile will automatically be updated in the AMI app.

At AMI, we’re here to support you through this holiday selling season. Let us know how you plan to navigate this year’s holiday sales!

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