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Using AMI to market your business

You may have heard a number of entrepreneurs share how the AMI app helps make sure no contact falls through the cracks thanks to our automated reach-out To Dos.

What we’ve discovered since launching our powerful To Dos is that seasoned business builders are leveraging the information stored in AMI to take their business to the next level: they go beyond To Dos and market directly to their customers and leads.

In 2020, we found that 29% of messages sent from AMI are not related to specific follow-ups.

With the Advanced Contact Search Filters, sellers can create their customized groups of contacts to let them know about new catalog launches, promotions, and more. Below, we’ll run through a sample marketing campaign with AMI — using just your contacts list, custom labels, and the willingness to strike up a new conversation!

Let’s see it in action

Prepare your contacts list for a marketing push

An organized contacts list is a powerful one. Beyond the standard categories for contacts to track customers vs. leads for example, you can add custom labels to your contacts to understand each person and match products and experiences you sell based on their interests and needs.

💡 Pro tip: Do you know any teachers, nurses, or essential workers? How about knowing whether people like 🍎 apple or 🎃 pumpkin? You can use custom labels to keep track of people’s preferences, roles, and much more.

“It hadn’t dawned on me to create custom labels for groups like nurses and teachers. What a cool idea that’s so relevant this year!” — Lauren P.

Brainstorm a specific, targeted campaign

Imagine you have a new toxin- and fragrance-free hand cream launching soon. You suspect new moms who haven’t bought from you since the Spring catalog might be interested in this product; they’re likely washing their hands constantly and looking for non-scented solutions when around their newborns.

Run this campaign step-by-step

1. Create a “New mom” label in AMI: Identify one person you’d like to apply this label to and find their profile. Tap the dotted + button below their name and scroll down to Custom labels where you can type your label name. Hit the + button to add it. Don’t forget to tap Save at the top right corner of the screen to apply the label.

2. Repeat for other new moms: Scroll through your contacts list and identify. other contacts who are a “New mom.”

3. Find the New mom group with Search Filters: Tap on the Filter link and apply the following filters:

  • Categories: “New mom”
  • Last purchase date: Pick anytime time period! We chose December 1-March 31

4. Personalize your message template for the campaign: Once you’ve filtered for everyone in the New mom list, go to the first contact’s profile. Tap “Actions” at the top right corner and select “Edit Message Template.” You’ll be able to add language here that is specific to the new hand cream. This updated template will appear automatically when you message other contacts in this list. You always have the option of editing it before sending your message.

That’s it! Send your message (We’ve found that texting works great!) to the rest of your list and get ready to have some great personable, high-touch conversations.

📚✨ Extra credit: Thinking about sending out an email campaign? You can use these same filters on the AMI Desktop Portal and export the list of contacts. Upload them to your favorite email marketing tool. You’ll be sending targeted emails in no time!

We’re here to help you learn how to market with AMI. If you have any questions, reach out to our Support Team at

If you enjoyed this story, please click the 👏 button and share to help others find it! And if you are open to being interviewed by our team, send us a message at! We’d love to share your story.

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