Home for a few weeks? Tips on how to avoid cabin fever

Team AMI
Team AMI
Mar 14 · 2 min read

With the announcement of school closures and work from home policies in place over the next few weeks, we wanted to share some creative ideas on how to pass the time at home.

Team AMI started sourcing ideas after our Product Manager Ashley shared that she and her husband would be building a 2,500 piece Lego set at home together over the weekend. #couplegoals 🏆

When else can you work on a 2,500 piece Lego set?

Get creative!

Have you tried adult coloring books? They’ve been around for a while and are making a (timely) comeback. Our Training Lead Meg shared that they help with stress relief and are also a great way to pass time.

Try some crafts at home.🎨 McHarper Manor, a visual arts center in Cincinnati, will be going live Monday thru Friday every week at 1pm ET with free arts & crafts tutorials. Check out their supplies list for their first week of activities starting Monday, March 16th.

Have you put off trying recipes that take a bit of time? Our CEO Amal shared that she and her husband plan to bake bread at home, inspired after watching Jon Favreau bake bread on his Netflix show The Chef Show.

Connect with your friends & loved ones virtually

Do you find yourself texting more than calling? Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while (# 7 reason from HelloGiggles’ post on seven times when you should call instead of text).

One of our engineers and her friends are hosting a book club virtually.

Looking for an easy way to have lots of family and friends on the same call and see each others’ faces? Google Hangouts and FaceTime both work well.

Stay active

Staying physically active can do wonder for one’s physical and mental health. For example, Social Steps is an app that makes it easy to participate in step challenges.

Avoid the gym by trying these 13 different workouts at home, many of which don’t require any fitness equipment. We also love these exercises for kids.

Our Head of Community Janessa and her family plan to take hikes!🚶‍♀️The Hiking Project is a great website that makes it easy to find hikes near you.

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