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Team AMI
Team AMI
Mar 5 · 3 min read

Here at AMI, our goal has always been to empower social sellers to build and grow their businesses. As technology keeps opening new doors and changing the way people sell, we want our community to stay in the know about what’s out there and to find new ways to make running a business as easy and meaningful as possible.

In our last post, we discussed common payment apps direct sellers have started integrating into their businesses. (We admit it was a bit of a tease leading into our latest AMI update!)

Announcing our newest feature: Invoicing & Payments on AMI Pro!

Get paid faster with our newest feature

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now send invoices and get paid via social payment apps with AMI Pro!

Over the last few months, we worked with over 150 sellers across the US to make sure our invoicing experience would work for direct sellers in a variety of sales situations. Among our beta testers, over 90% used our new feature to facilitate sales over social media and 42% used them at in-person vendor events. We’ve also seen it used with group orders, parties, fundraisers, and much more!

The best part? This feature is a win-win for both you AND your customer. With one tap, they can send you a payment for their latest orders via their preferred payment method. Gone are the days of texting back and forth about how much money is owed or having to manually create invoices or order requests.

It’s simple: Send an invoice to your customer via their preferred contact channel & they pay you via their preferred app. (And, as with any AMI feature, you get automatic follow-ups on these invoices!)

One of our beta testers, Christa S., shared:

“AMI invoices have taken the guess work out of social media and phone orders!! Create the invoice, send it, and get paid!! Easy sneezy!

“Being able to take payments and collect info for follow-up all in one smooth process has helped me go paperless, save time, and provide even better personalized customer follow-up.”

How to get started

This feature is available to our AMI Pro subscribers. If you’re currently on a trial of AMI Pro, you can take advantage of this feature before you subscribe until the end of your trial. We don’t charge you additional fees for using invoicing and payments.

Already a Pro subscriber? Dive into our step-by-step Help Portal tutorials where we explain the ins and outs of our latest feature. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use AMI’s invoicing and payments in your business!

To learn more about how to send invoices and get paid on AMI Pro, dive into our step-by-step Help Portal tutorials.

Not #poweredbyAMI yet? Start your free trial today.

About Us

We launched in 2017 with the mission: build both a product experience and a community for direct sellers around the world.

We would also love to work with you on future blog posts. If you would like to share your story and experience, send us a blog submission!

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Team AMI

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Team AMI

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Sell with AMI

Stories, spotlights, and insights into the changing face of the direct sales industry

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