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Team AMI
Team AMI
Aug 23, 2019 · 3 min read

With school already starting, you may be finding it challenging to find time to keep up with your direct sales business. We chatted with a few direct sellers on how they manage their time while they’re out having fun and making memories with their friends and families.

Work your business while out for coffee!

Connect with 10 customers every day

Knowing customer care and relationships are super important, Ida Harrison makes sure to connect with 8–10 of her customers every day. It takes only 5 minutes when using the AMI app! Ida also recognizes the power of in-person connection. “This is crazy but I wear my name tag wherever I go!” Taking advantage of her busy summer schedule, people can connect Ida to her brand even when out in public running errands.

Add new contacts at gatherings

With Labor Day coming up soon, your long weekend may be filled with neighborhood BBQs! Lisa Logan brings samples, catalogs, and flyers with her because, “you just never know when conversations will start,” she shares. “And then I add those contacts into AMI, and follow up first thing in the morning for a quick 5 minutes or so and then I can get on with my day!”

Catch up during long car rides (as a passenger)

Any road trips coming up soon? “Long car trips are great for catching up on follow-ups as long as you aren’t the driver,” suggests Candy Roquemore. She also recommends using your own products in photos during your trips and vacations this summer on your social media to subtly show off your company!

Mobile office goes wherever you do!

In what she calls a 5-minute blitz, Becky Gorga has several tasks ready whenever she has an extra few minutes in her day. Each task is something that can be done daily, in just 5 minutes or less, and is beneficial to her business. A few of these include an Instagram or VIP group post, editing her email newsletter, watching a quick training video, or restocking her mobile office. What’s a mobile office, you ask? “The mobile office idea is like keeping a small box, crate, or bag in your car that could have samples, catalogs, opportunity packets or anything that could be helpful if you get caught by a customer on the go,” explains Becky.

Create personalized wishlists for customers with new catalog products

Melody Newburn spends 2 minutes working her business using AMI daily and 1-minute creating social media posts. “To make this efficient, throughout the week I take pictures or screenshot ideas and save them in a folder on my phone so it’s easy to go and pick.” Her remaining time is spent on business-building activities.

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Stories, spotlights, and insights into the changing face of the direct sales industry

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