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Team AMI
Team AMI
Jul 30, 2019 · 3 min read
Our co-founders when they first announced their new venture

Back in 2016 when our founders, Amal and Phil, brainstormed about the name of the mobile app they were going to build, it was clear that ‘Maven’ fit what they were hoping to achieve: empower direct sellers who use our app to feel like experts when building their businesses.

Fast forward almost four years, and it seems that the name ‘Maven’ has become popular as a company name. Not to mention our Support Team has had requests to help individuals with car rentals (GM owns a car sharing company by the same name).

Over the last few years as our community of direct sellers across the world has grown, how we’ve empower those who use our technology has expanded beyond Amal and Phil’s original vision while brainstorming app names at a small coffee shop in San Francisco called Red Door Coffee (not far from our current company office).

Today we’re announcing our new brand name: AMI. AMI’s focus is to create opportunities every day for direct sellers to grow the relationships key to their business’ success. As a result, our mobile app has been renamed ‘Sell with AMI.’

Introducing our new, bolder logo and pineapple!

What does this mean?

Yes it is!

Moving forward, you’ll also find that AMI will support your direct sales business less as an assistant and more as an accountability partner or coach. You’ve seen this already with AMI’s message cheering you on as you begin working through your daily to dos.

We’ve made this transition intentionally. We recognize that the sales process can be a long one and though AMI can’t magically make sure past customers re-purchase, AMI can gently coach you to summon the courage to start a conversation with someone who hasn’t purchased from you in over a year, because you never know what may happen if you don’t reach out.

What to expect moving forward

We’re so excited for you to experience what we have in store! 🍍

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Stories, spotlights, and insights into the changing face of the direct sales industry

Team AMI

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Team AMI

We’re changing how direct sellers build the relationships key to their businesses & transforming the perception of the direct sales industry.

Sell with AMI

Stories, spotlights, and insights into the changing face of the direct sales industry

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