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That’s a wrap! Reflections at the AMI Challenge finish line 🍂

Throughout August, we challenged sellers like you across the globe to Get Fall Ready with us, and you rose to the occasion! We appreciate everyone bringing their A-game, putting in the hard work, and setting yourself up for success this holiday season. 💪

Below, we highlight the Top 3 lessons from the #poweredbyAMI Community at the Challenge finish line:

✨ There’s real magic in personalized connections

We’ve never been shy about being fans of personalized connections and during this unpredictable year, it’s been more important than ever. Throughout the Challenge, participants used custom labels to keep track of customer preferences, reached out to teachers and essential workers to see what products could support them, connected with people they hadn’t reached out to in a long time, and much more:

  • “The Challenge encouraged me to do more follow-ups and use the tools at my disposal than I normally would have, so thank you!” — Kelly D.
  • “The custom labels really helped up my organization game, and it helps me know very easily things that people like.” — Pam B.
  • “My biggest takeaway was realizing it really works to follow up with our customers” — Laura L.
  • “I learned just how far communication can go with AMI!” — Amanda G.

📚 Never stop learning

Possibly one of our favorite lessons (because they’re also part of Team AMI’s core values) was: always be on the lookout for learning opportunities. We loved how many participants agreed that the Challenge helped them learn about using AMI in new and exciting ways:

  • “I never quite grasped how fully and completely organized I could keep my business all in one place. Doing the challenge helped me discover functionality that may turn this paper-and-pencil girl into an e-organizer after all!” — Rikayla B.
  • “My biggest takeaway was that AMI has more to offer for your business than I had known!” — Georgette M.

☑️ Small, consistent tasks go a long way

By challenging our participants to focus on specific tasks every week, we wanted to put what we learned from the Summer eSummit to practice. Many of our participants learned that great business habits aren’t built overnight; they happen with consistency (even if the tasks are small). We’re excited to see how these small steps can make huge strides in the upcoming holiday season:

  • “The Challenge showed me that working my business every day and always connecting with my customers is key!” — Candace F.
  • “I loved the challenge tasks. It was a fun way to get myself to do more than my daily tasks!” — Leandra C.
  • “The Challenge made me stay more on top of my game.” — Kathryn B.

Feeling inspired and want to learn more about how to be #poweredbyAMI? Check out our Training Portal for any AMI feature you might have missed.

🏆 Kudos to our hard-working Community

Way to put in the work! We want to celebrate the tireless effort that our participants put in during the Challenge by sharing some truly inspiring numbers:

  • Participants created 4,577 custom labels
  • Participants sent 44,234 messages (!) from AMI
  • Participants earned a mind-blowing 34,621 raffle tickets throughout the Challenge (Fun fact: Our top participant earned 646 tickets!) WOW! 🤯

Last but not least, congratulations to Molly B. for being our grand-prize raffle winner for a 128GB iPad! In her words:

“The Get Fall Ready Challenge was really the exact ‘reboot’ I needed. After all the pivoting from mostly selling at in-person events to 100% digital due to COVID-19, frankly I was worn out and in a completely reactive mode. The Challenge helped me kick myself in gear to be proactive about customer communications again! I feel like I’m ready for the fall and holiday digital selling season. Thank you so much!”

Cheers to our Community as we kick off the Fall season, and stay tuned for more AMI Challenges in the future! 🥂

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