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The AMI Holiday Selling Guide: Creating the perfect holiday gift sets

Welcome to The AMI Holiday Selling Guide. We’re launching new features and step-by-step guides over the next few weeks to help you use AMI to power your holiday sales.

After a roller-coaster year, holiday shoppers are likely looking for the easiest path to gifting. We love hearing about how sellers get creative with curating their products, and we know holiday shoppers will really appreciate it this year, too.

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to create bundles in AMI to share with your customers who are looking for no-brainer gift ideas.

Create the perfect holiday gift sets

Providing amazing customer service starts well before a purchase is made. By helping your customers find products they’ll love (or as gifts), you’re providing them with a personalized clienteling experience they’ll always remember and appreciate.

Coming up with gift bundle ideas

If you’re new to gift bundles, here are some ideas to help you come up with the perfect set:

  • How can your gift set create an experience from start to finish? For example, if you sell self-care products, can you bundle items for a facial and bath to create a full spa experience?
  • Can you group products by taste or style? For example, if someone loves floral scents, try bundling products with floral notes. On the flip side: for more adventurous customers, try a variety pack with different styles!
  • Who would love to receive this gift? (Essential workers, teachers, or new parents, etc.)

Creating the product listing in AMI

Did you know? In the AMI app, you can create a custom product listing for your gift sets and any products that are not in your catalog. Here’s how:

  • Tap on the 🔍 Products tab
  • Tap the last item on the list, called My Products.
  • Tap Add at the top right corner (or + Add product if this is your first product). You’ll be able to upload a photo and set a price here. We recommend noting the individual items in the description so you know exactly what’s in the bundle.

💡 Important! Since these are custom listings, you might not have a direct link to purchase. AMI has you covered! When you share the product from AMI, anyone interested in purchasing your gift set can fill out an interest form. Once they submit the form, you’ll receive a To Do in the AMI app to follow-up with them. We walk through this process in detail over on our Help Portal.

Once the listing is saved, you’ll be able to find, edit, and share it any time in My Products. As always, please follow your company’s policies and procedures when it comes to stock sales.

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal touch this season. Create your own gift bundles in AMI as custom products.

Share your gift sets with the world

After you’ve added your holiday bundles, you’re ready to get the word out. With some of our latest app updates, you can easily identify who would be a great fit to share your bundle with and create marketing campaigns around these products. Here’s how to share your gift set:

  • In the 🔍 Products Tab → My Products, tap the gift set listing.
  • Tap Share at the top right corner to see a list of options, from copying the link or sharing it to Facebook to sending it directly to a contact.

You’ll also get automated follow-ups to see if someone would like to snag the set under the Manage social sales To Do workflow.

We’re excited to hear how about your experience creating holiday gift sets. Next in our series, we’ll showcase a step-by-step guide on how to send invoices and get paid for digital sales (and unveil a big invoices update!) from the safety of your own home.

If you enjoyed this story, please click the 👏 button and share to help others find it! And if you are open to being interviewed by our team, send us a message at! We’d love to share your story.

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