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The AMI Holiday Selling Guide: Using social media to boost those final holiday sales

Welcome to our final post in The AMI Holiday Selling Guide. Over the last few weeks, we walked through how to create the perfect gift bundle and how to capture sales despite canceled events.

In the past few years, social media has emerged as the place for customers to learn about products, see them in action, and even shop directly.

Why is social media such an effective marketplace? On average, people spend about 2.5 hours per day on social media. Not only that, but 11% of US social media users shop on Instagram. Instead of visiting websites, your potential customers are on Instagram discovering new products and brands. That’s where you come in!

Below, we walk through using social media to give you that final boost in your holiday sales.

Not sure what to post? Start here

Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • How do you use this product? Try using Instagram Stories or post a YouTube video to see your product in action.
  • What other products go well with this product? Use this as a chance to introduce other products that go well or are complimentary. (Also a perfect chance to create the perfect last-minute gift bundle!)
  • Think about lighting and composition! When capturing a photo or video, make sure it’s well lit and showcases your product. Selfies also work well and make your photos feel more personal.
Need ideas for social media posts? Seeing products in action or how you style them can be key.

▶️ WATCH: Use Social Shop to connect your followers directly to your products & business links

Did you know? All #poweredbyAMI sellers have a micro-site called Social Shop to help you connect your social media followers to your products and business links. When you connect AMI to Instagram, you can start tagging posts with products, links, and more.

✨ NEW: We *just* launched the ability to add a list of links to your Social Shop (Think: blog posts, promos, YouTube channel, etc.). We know the frustration of having only one link in bio, so now you can give your followers access to the most up-to-date content along with your shoppable posts!

You customers will love how easy it is to find more of your content and shop your posts in one convenient place. Watch Janessa, our Head of Community, walk through adding links to your Social Shop:

We’re excited to see how you’ll use social media to help you boost sales and interest in your brand. We’re cheering you on through the final push of this holiday selling season!

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