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Your contacts list is one of your most powerful sales tools. Are you making the most of it?

At the end of April, in the midst of a huge shift to all-virtual work, we announced our first wave of Advanced Search Filters to help you find the exact group or person you’re looking for — and fast! Since then, we’ve been wowed by how the #poweredbyAMI Community has tapped into the power of their contacts list to find potential customers and teammates and turn an unpredictable year into a strong selling season!

While AMI To Dos keep you focused on specific types of follow-ups, we noticed that since the start of 2020, 26% of all messages sent via AMI came from a contact’s profile directly. We love the initiative that so many of you have taken to provide amazing customer service— like diligently noting customers’ needs and sharing the latest promotions and products.

Based on feedback from sellers like you who’ve been using these filters in such creative ways, we’re excited to announce our latest updates to make Advanced Filters even more powerful.

AMI’s Advanced Filters can help you find the exact people you’re looking for

We 💛 how proactive #poweredbyAMI sellers are: 26% of all messages sent via AMI come from the contact’s profile directly — which means you’re connecting with your contacts even when they’re not in a follow-up cycle! 🎉

The power of our latest Advanced Filters

A contacts list has the ability to be totally overwhelming (hey, we know you’re popular!) or incredibly powerful. In fact, throughout August, we challenged you to organize and label your contacts to make it easy to make personalized connections.

With our newest filters, you can connect with those who:

  • Sampled a product or had it on their wishlist: Who doesn’t love a good flash sale? If you’ve recorded samples or shared wishlists in AMI, you can easily find someone who has an eye on a particular product that’s on sale.
  • Haven’t bought in some time: Looking to share a new catalog update with those you haven’t heard from in a while? Filter based on last purchase date to update customers on what’s new.
  • Haven’t chatted with you for some time: Filter for everyone you reached out to when shelter-in-place first went into effect (end of March-beginning of April) and see how they’re doing (especially for parents as they kick off the most unusual back-to-school season ever!) We know they’ll appreciate having someone in their corner!
  • Haven’t been organized yet in AMI: You can also filter your contacts for those who don’t have any categories or labels applied (A great option if you’ve imported all of your phone contacts!) or who don’t have any contact information listed.

One of our early beta testers, Karen T., described how she uses Advanced Filters: “With the latest filters, I was able to identify people I haven’t contacted since I started using AMI. I sent them a message acknowledging that we haven’t talked in a while, asked them how their families are doing with all the craziness, and even teased an upcoming new catalog. It was an amazing way to find people to reconnect with!”

💡 Pro Tip: We made a recent update to easily edit the template for when you message directly from a Contact profile. Tap Actions on the top, right-hand corner, then Edit Message Template at the top. We’ll be making more updates to this flow soon. Stay tuned! 👀

Tell us: How are you using our Advanced Filter updates to build relationships with your business contacts?

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