Give Your Clients Something Extra

I recently hired to create a list of leads. I paid for 200 leads but they delivered 245.

Here’s Get Steward:

So often I work with vendors that deliver less than what they promised. Or just what they promised. But every once in awhile there are rare occasions when you have the privilege of working with someone who over delivers.

In such a competitive marketplace such as supplying leads where price and cvs spreadsheets are the same, surprising customers with a little something extra like 45 more leads can make such a big difference.

By giving a little something extra, Get Steward created a positive emotional connection with their brand. At the same time their “extra” helps me be even more successful because it gives me more at bats at generating more meetings. They not only differentiated their offering, they created a raving fan who will spread the word.

What “little something extra” can you give your clients that will make them even more successful?

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