How Basecamp’s DHH Got to Be Great at What He Does

I recently spoke with David Heinemeier Hansson who’s best known as the creator of Ruby on Rails and the Founder & CTO of Basecamp. He also wrote two best selling books, Rework and Remote. In addition to lighting it up in the business world he’s also a Le Mans & WEC class-winning racing driver.

In this interview David shares six tips that helped him become great at what he does:

Pick something that has depth

It’s gives your brain the motivation to keep going. Here’s David:

Go deep. Then go deeper.

Don’t be content with making something work. Be enamored with how it works:

Repurpose ideas

Repurpose ideas from other ecosystems:

Feedback keeps you going

Here’s DHH on how quick feedback helped him improve his racing skills:

Practice deliberately

If you try to get better everywhere, you’re not going to get better anywhere:

Embrace the suck

It’s when you’re the worst that you make the most progress:

One last thing . . .

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