Feedback as a tool for Self-improvement

Modern companies encourage people to use feedback as a tool to improve the behaviour of other individuals. What is feedback and how it can help us achieve self-growth?

Feedback is all about giving someone your opinion on his or her behaviour. It can be positive or negative. Both types are very useful, so we should use them both.

In the case of positive feedback, we should focus on our appreciation of the receiver behaviour. It is important to let the person know, that he or she did the right thing for the team. For some people, it might sound trivial or even useless, but in fact, while doing this, we can help building self-confidence. For example, we can say, “You did an excellent job regarding the quality of the last task on the project. Keep it up!”

When anyone in the team is self-improving continuously, the team itself just keeps getting stronger.

In the case of negative feedback, we should focus on things that the person should improve, change or avoid in the future. We don’t want things that may weaken the team to happen. Not everything is obvious to everyone. Every team is different, so it is important not to hesitate to use this type kind of feedback.

You can say; for example, “Don’t be afraid to admit that you are having a problem with something. Don’t wait too long to let us know that there is an obstacle. We can save some time if you let us know sooner next time.”

We need to remember that the receiver must want to receive feedback. Otherwise, the receiver might ignore it or even do something opposite than we expected.

Summing up, feedback is one of the tools that allow us to build a better team. Use it frequently. Keep in mind that even a good team may change over time. It is always a good practice to keep working on your rules and behaviours — evolve naturally.

Photo: Ryan Hyde