What should motivate a Software Developer?

A software development occupation is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The motivations that drive people to do this job are critical to becoming a successful programmer. The following guide is intended to help people who are either just considering choosing a career in computer sciences or are already software developers to identify if their motivations are the right ones.

1. Passion — Do your dream job!

We should always do things that we are passionate about. If we do, then we are eager to do those things constantly. If you are passionate about something, you are not afraid of obstacles that might appear. Unexpectedly, they often convert to opportunities to discover new things. As the Software Programming is rapidly changing, we need to learn new things all the time, at work and in our free time, to catch up with new trends and solutions. That is why it should become your passion.

2. Atmosphere & Environment — Get to know the place & people

You should always look for a great place to work at because you will probably spend a big part of your life there. Choose it carefully. Try to see the office of your choice before you start working there. As a great place requires great people and if you happen to have a chance to meet your future co-workers — just do it. If you are a part of a team already, spend as much time as possible on getting to know your colleagues. Building relationship will help you to work together more effectively and enjoy your work at the company.

Master Builders room @ Selleo

3. Customer & Project — Your customer success is your success

Your client can motivate you to become a better programmer. For instance, he may let you pick the solution of your choice while he focuses on the business part of the project. That is a great opportunity to gain new skills. Another important thing that you might benefit from, is the project success. You should do whatever you can to make the project successful. Working on the application that is used by thousands of people and makes money is a very rewarding feeling. Also, challenging projects can be very motivating. If you like resolving very difficult problems, you should look for a project that will fit your needs.

There are many things that motivate people to do any kind of job. I’ve just focused on a few of them. Feel free to leave a comment. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and knowing what you think about it.

Picture: Sam Wolff