Why does Online Seller Accounts get Suspended!

Selling fake products is one of the reasons for suspension of accounts. These days we are noticing that many sellers are trying to sell fake products through online platforms leading to more returns from buyers.

Broadly, because of the following reasons accounts get suspended,

Rating and Review
Account Performance
Copy-Right products


E- commerce platforms are expecting good quality products from sellers. But Sellers are not providing the quality products. Due to that they are getting the more returns from Buyers. Quality has been key for everything. Selling Quality Products will avoid the hassle of returns and refunds. A Happy Buyer is and asset, who will come and come again with satisfaction. and lead to long lasting relation. Online Platforms are going emerge more and more in coming days. Any Seller has to start getting used to this new platform. It’s the Feature.

Rating & Reviews-

Rating & Review matters more than the price.

Buyers will see at the Rating and Review before they look at anything about the product. First Impression is the Best Impression. these are leaders to sale. You know or not that some online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart Share New Products with Reviewers for Out Boxing, which is good thing a You Tube Video will make us feel the product before even its gets into our hands. Sellers need to be very careful about product, more better the Reviews and Ratings better the sales. A Negative Review is a setback to sale and will eventually lead to suspension.

Copy Right Products

It is Invisible factor, mostly un noticed contribute for suspension of the account. let me tell you how!! this comes into picture when Seller purchases low quality products from some manufactures knowing or unknowingly if manufacturer does not provide Invoice, then here comes the problem for Online Sellers. Usually Sellers Ignore this angle, i will not make you wait any more… here it comes the point. when Buyer returns the product, Seller need to take the refund but since Seller does not has Invoice stating from which manufacturer this product has come, Seller has to suffer this cost. and more returns and Seller not able to refund will lead to suspension. An account Suspension cannot be taken easily. because Seller will not be able to come back and sell any more until he has cleared his negative image.

Account performance

Account performance is one of most important factor to sustain in Online Market and gain profits.

E Commerce giants like Amazon track the performance of Online Sellers. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important performance measures used to determine how well Seller is doing. few things which are part of performance are defect free products, on time shipment, good shipping medium preferably FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). I also recommend you to check the pricing you are going to offer is it too far from others Sellers, then no doubt that chances of you getting the sale very less.

Policy Voilation

A seller account is liable to be suspended by amazon of account certain violations by seller these include activities causing displeasure to the buyers like delay in delivery of the product

Amazon is very adamant about their regulations if seller does not comply with the regulations put forward by amazon they suspend amazon seller account including selling of restricted goods

Amazon is very strict about selling of restricted good on your seller account they permanently suspend your account .