Top Ten Platforms for Selling Art Online

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Unleash Your Creativity with Art Selling Platforms

The world of art has evolved remarkably in the digital age, opening up new avenues for artists to showcase and sell their masterpieces. Art selling platforms have burgeoned into a dynamic ecosystem, bridging the gap between artists and a global audience of art enthusiasts and collectors.

From established artists to burgeoning creators, these platforms cater to a diverse range of talents. Etsy, Saatchi Art, and Artfinder offer incredible spaces for selling fine art and original creations. Society6, Redbubble, and Zazzle, on the other hand, have mastered the print-on-demand niche. DeviantArt remains a haven for digital artists, while Fine Art America and Artpal offer a mix of both.

For those who want to maintain control over their store, Big Cartel is an excellent choice. Each platform comes with its own set of features, pros, and cons. This article delves into the top 10 platforms for selling art online, helping artists navigate this flourishing market and find the perfect platform that aligns with their art and aspirations. Through these platforms, artists can unlock unprecedented opportunities, connect with buyers, and turn their passion into profit.

1. Saatchi Art ★★★★★


Description: Saatchi Art is a leading online art gallery, catering to art collectors and artists alike. The platform is known for its high-quality selection of artworks and is an ideal space for selling original pieces. Artists can also take part in competitions and benefit from Saatchi Art’s extensive marketing campaigns. For art dealers, it’s a treasure trove of emerging talents and unique pieces that can enrich their collections. Artists benefit from the prestige associated with Saatchi, which can command higher prices and attract serious collectors.

Key Features: Art advisory service, curated collections, artist competitions, free shipping.


▸ High reputation makes it easier to sell at higher prices.

▸ Art advisory service helps in connecting with collectors.


▸ High commission rates, but as Saatchi says, it’s lower than if to sell via offline gallery.

▸ May not be suitable for beginners or those with a smaller portfolio.

Good for selling: Paintings, photography, sculptures, drawings, prints.

Price: 35% commission on sales.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: The platform has no subscription plans for sellers

Conclusion: Opt for Saatchi Art if you are an established artist looking to connect with serious collectors.

2. Society6 ★★★★


Description: Society6 is a platform that allows artists to sell designs on a range of products like art prints, phone cases, and home décor. It is excellent for artists looking to venture into merchandise while retaining the rights to their work. Artists simply upload their work, and Society6 takes care of production, shipping, and customer service. The market is hassle-free, for art dealers, it’s a place to discover trending designs and artists, and potentially collaborate on exclusive collections.

Key Features: Wide range of products, worldwide shipping, non-exclusive rights, artist promotion.


▸ Hassle-free as production, shipping, and customer service are handled by Society6.

▸ Non-exclusive rights allow artists to sell elsewhere.


▸ Limited control over pricing.

▸ Smaller profit margins compared to selling original art.

Good for selling: Digital art, illustrations, patterns, photography.

Price: Society6 pays 10% of the product selling price, except for art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints. Those products allow to make more by setting custom markup. No monthly fees for sellers.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: The platform has no subscription plans for sellers

Conclusion: Society6 is great for artists looking to sell their designs on merchandise with minimal hassle.

3. Artfinder ★★★


Description: Artfinder is an online marketplace for buying and selling original artworks. It is aimed at independent artists looking to connect with a global audience of art lovers. Artists can create a personalized shop and benefit from Artfinder’s marketing and promotional tools. For example a dedicated shop, which aids in brand building. For art dealers, it’s a one-stop-shop to discover independent artists globally. The platform’s selectiveness ensures a high standard of art, making procurement for galleries and collections reliable. Artfinder does not have resource in place to evaluate inventory artworks, so they are welcome self-representing independent artists and galleries directly representing artists with original artwork.

Key Features: Customizable shop, marketing tools, secure transactions, application process for quality control.


▸ Global audience of art enthusiasts.

▸ Dedicated shop with customization options.


▸ Commission fees range from 33%-40%.

▸ The application process can be selective.

Good for selling: Paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, mixed media.

Price: Subscription plans start at $5/month, plus commission fees: 35% of 42%. Sellers are free to set their prices for artworks.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: No free trial.

Conclusion: Artfinder is ideal for independent artists seeking a dedicated space for selling original artworks to a global audience.

4. Artpal ★★★★★


Description: Artpal is an all-encompassing art gallery, providing a platform for artists to sell their work without any membership fees. It is suitable for both original artworks and prints. With an easy setup process and a Print-on-Demand service, artists can start selling quickly. Artpal is cost-effective and easy to use, making it great for artists at any stage. For dealers, it’s an accessible platform to discover diverse artwork at various price points. The absence of membership fees may attract a wider range of artists, increasing selection for dealers.Artpal is an all-encompassing art gallery, providing a platform for artists to sell their work without any membership fees. It is suitable for both original artworks and prints. With an easy setup process and a Print-on-Demand service, artists can start selling quickly. Artpal is cost-effective and easy to use, making it great for artists at any stage. For dealers, it’s an accessible platform to discover diverse artwork at various price points. The absence of membership fees may attract a wider range of artists, increasing selection for dealers.

Key Features: Print-on-Demand, secure transactions, easy setup.


▸ No membership or listing fees, so it’s actually free for sellers.

▸ Easy to set up and start selling.


▸ Lesser-known compared to other platforms.

▸ Limited marketing tools.

Good for selling: Paintings, digital art, photography, drawings, prints.

Price: Free to list, no commission for sellers, and no membership fees. Artists are free to set own prices for Print-on-Demand and receive 100% of the profits.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: The platform doesn’t have membership fees for sellers, it’s easy to create a free gallery.

Conclusion: Artpal is a cost-effective option for those looking for a no-fee platform.

5. Fine Art America ★★★★★


Description: Fine Art America is a print-on-demand service and online marketplace for artists. It specializes in transforming artworks into products like prints, phone cases, and home décor. Artists can also sell original artworks through their platform. For artists, Fine Art America offers a combination of original art sales and print-on-demand services. Art dealers can access a wide selection of art in different formats, ideal for satisfying diverse clientele or curating specialized collections.

Key Features: Print-on-demand, global distribution network, fulfillments centers, customizable web store.


▸ Wide range of products for print-on-demand.

▸ No upfront costs.


▸ Limited customization options.

▸ High competition.

Good for selling: Paintings, photographs, digital art, drawings, mixed media.

Price: Basic Free Plan or Premium Plan at $30/year. Premium plan is for sellers willing to get additional exposure and sales opportunities.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: Free account and a basic free plan are available. Most of the features are available free of charge.

Conclusion: Choose Fine Art America if you want a print-on-demand service with a variety of products and no upfront costs.

6. Art Storefronts ★★★


Description: Art Storefronts is an all-in-one solution that helps artists and photographers run a successful art business online. It offers a platform to create stunning websites with eCommerce capabilities tailored for the art industry. This platform provides artists with tools to manage and market their business effectively. For art dealers, it represents a pool of serious artists investing in their career, ensuring a higher likelihood of finding quality artwork and professional relationships.

Key Features: Website builder, print-on-demand, SEO tools, marketing support, augmented reality tool.


▸ Comprehensive tools for marketing and business management.

▸ High-quality printing services.


▸ Higher cost compared to other platforms.

▸ Steeper learning curve due to many features.

Good for selling: Paintings, photography, digital art, prints.

Price: For artists there are plans: Gold plan (10% for print products, 5% for originals), Silver plan (12% and 7%), Bronze plan (15% and 10% accordingly).

What A free Demo Trial Offers: Free website setup for life.

Conclusion: Choose Art Storefronts if you are looking for a comprehensive solution to build, manage, and market your art business.

7. Deviant Art ★★★


Description: DeviantArt is one of the largest online communities for artists and art enthusiasts. It is particularly popular among digital artists and illustrators. Artists can showcase their work, sell prints and digital files, and connect with a passionate community. This vibrant community is perfect for creators to gain exposure and feedback. For art dealers, it’s an invaluable resource to gauge trends, discover new talents, and connect with artists for collaborations or acquisitions.

Key Features: Community engagement, Core Membership for premium features, portfolio creation, prints program.


▸ Vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts.

▸ Great platform for digital art and illustrations.


▸ Premium features require a subscription.

▸ Not the best platform for high-priced fine art.

Good for selling: Digital art, illustrations, photography, anime, fan art.

Price: Fees for sellers depend on core membership package and vary between 2.5% and 20%. The core plans cost between $3.95/m — $14.95/m

What A free Demo Trial Offers: Free basic membership

Conclusion: DeviantArt is perfect for digital artists and illustrators looking to connect with a creative community.

8. Displate ★★★


Description: Displate specializes in metal posters and allows artists to sell their designs on high-quality metal prints. The platform handles manufacturing, shipping, and customer service, making it hassle-free. With this platform and niche, artists can differentiate themselves. For dealers, Displate offers a product that is both high-quality and distinctive, which can attract a different set of clientele or be a unique addition to existing collections. It also provides free shipping for Displate club members.

Key Features: Metal prints, print-on-demand, community features, environmental contributions.


▸ Unique product offering with metal prints.

▸ Eco-friendly — a tree is planted for every Displate sold.


▸ Limited to metal posters.

▸ Artists have limited control over pricing.

Good for selling: Digital art, illustrations, photography.

Price: Artists set margin; Displate provides 41% commission minus taxes and fees. For limited editions the commission payable is 10% minus taxes and fees. There is a Displate Club for buyers, it’s cost depends on artwork type;

What A free Demo Trial Offers: No free trial.

Conclusion: Choose Displate if you want to sell unique metal posters and contribute to environmental efforts.

9. ArtStation ★★★★


Description: ArtStation is a platform primarily aimed at game, film, media & entertainment artists. It provides an avenue to showcase portfolios, sell art, and connect with potential employers and collaborators. The artists are encouraged to sell freebies, which are the most popular products on the marketplace with 5000+ free downloads daily. ArtStation is the hub for digital artists in gaming and entertainment, providing creative space to meet other professionals. For art dealers specialized in this niche, ArtStation is the perfect platform for discovering high-caliber talent and artworks.

Key Features: Portfolio building, marketplace, job boards, learning resources, community.


▸ Niche audience in the gaming and entertainment industry.

▸ Tools for job seeking and professional networking.


▸ Not ideal for traditional fine art.

▸ Competition from high-level industry professionals.

Good for selling: Concept art, digital art, 3D modeling, game assets.

Price: ArtStation has a 5% fee for hosting products on the platform.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: Free basic plan.

Conclusion: ArtStation is ideal for artists in gaming and entertainment seeking a professional network and marketplace.

10. SellPal ★★★


Description: SellPal is the new face in the realm of digital art monetization, tailoring to the needs of modern creators. Whether you’re a solo digital artist, art enthusiast, designer, photographer, or even an art dealer, the digital space is ripe for selling artworks. With SellPal, store your digital art files on their expansive platform, with an impressive 5GB limit for individual files. After uploading, generate a link to share with art aficionados and buyers. Transactions are backed by the reliable Stripe, ensuring global reach that extends beyond Western territories, reaching art lovers in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. The icing on the cake? SellPal deducts no commissions, meaning creators reap the entire 100% of their profits.

Key Features: Spacious storage for artwork files, secured transaction process, single file limit of 5GB


▸ Completely free usage;

▸ Hassle-free payments via Stripe;


▸ Absence of a dedicated art gallery or storefront;

▸ Not yet recognized among mainstream art platforms;

Good for selling: Digital paintings, animation reels, art portfolios, high-res images, and other art-related content.

Price: Completely complimentary.

What A free Demo Trial Offers: No strings attached or hidden fees.

Conclusion: SellPal offers an innovative avenue for sporadic art sales, making it a valuable tool for artists established in the digital realm. It stands out especially for those in Stripe-compatible regions, presenting a fresh way to monetize their digital art.

In an era where technology seamlessly intertwines with our lives, art too finds a blossoming sanctuary online. The world has shifted, with digital avenues offering unprecedented opportunities for artists to share their stories, passion, and talent with a global audience.

Yet, it’s not just about exposure. Selling art online is a potent way to monetize your creativity, turning your artistic pursuits into a sustainable livelihood. Every click, like, share, or purchase takes you one step closer to realizing your dreams. Remember, behind every screen is a potential art lover, collector, or supporter waiting to be captivated by your creation.

Dive into the digital domain, embrace its vast possibilities, and let the world celebrate and compensate you for your unique vision. Your art has value; it’s time the world sees it, feels it, and pays for it.

Embark on your online artistic journey today!



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