Unique Technique Disrupts the Brain

There are a ton of articles on “how to write an elevator pitch” and “what makes a great elevator pitch” but there’s no service out there that writes your elevator pitch for you. Until now.

Elevator Pitch Wizard released their website to the public with a special $38.00 preview offer for “Wave the Wand Once” (valued at $250) — basically you submit your current elevator pitch and they make it better. The wizardry is based on the neuromarketing concept that your elevator pitch should begin with a disruption.

According to Harvard Business Review, the human brain only pays attention to interesting things. And based on the latest research, the typical adult consumes almost 10 hours of media on a daily basis. So, your elevator pitch really needs to deliver a verbal slap to break the patterned thought processes.

The service offers four packages for “business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, authors and sales people” and range from revising your current elevator pitch with a few clicks to a more in-depth workshop.

While the Elevator Pitch Wizard helps you get the conversation started, the rest is up to you! There’s an emphasis on the passion of your delivery — it’s your authenticity that separates you from the pack.

Get the magic here: www.elevatorpitchwizard.com