Video Team Production Concept Presentation Guidelines

The official checklist for the video team’s production concept presentations about the company Vlog

Version 1.0 (Created 29-March-2019)

Note: Please keep the presentation simple and under 15 minutes. No slides or Powerpoints are necessary. The presentation should illustrate the next series of videos that the company will be producing.

The following 3 steps should always be included within a production concept presentation.

1. What is the concept journey?

— — —

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Vlogs should never be stand-alone videos. They should always be part of a group of videos with a ‘purpose’, as if the viewer is going on a ‘journey’.

This may be the single greatest lesson that we’ve learnt after experimenting with Vlogs for the initial several months. There absolutely has to be a reason that the video exists; why we have gone through all this trouble to create one and put it on the internet.

Secondly, said purpose has to last through multiple videos. One thing that we’ve noticed during the initial several months of experimentation is that having a long list of stand alone videos on your YouTube channel looks weird and incoherent. Groups of cohesive videos makes your channel look organized, and also gives viewers a reason to keep watching the subsequent video.

2. How many videos will be part of that journey, and where will we end each video?

— — —

Don’t try to milk each journey for the most videos. The amount of videos for each Vlog group should be just enough to capture all the special moments, while not ruining it for ourselves.

3. What are the production wireframes for each video?

— — —

Although each filming session will, and ideally should, include may ad-libs, there should at least be a wireframe of major scenes, camera compositions, and dialogues so that we aren’t left with a bunch of pretty b-rolls with incoherent content.