About me

Little bit about myself.

I am Suzanne Choi, a MDes (Master of Design for Interaction) candidate at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I was born in Chicago, IL, spent my youth in Seoul, Korea, educated in Irvine, CA/ Appleton, WI/ Pittsburgh, PA, and worked in New York, NY. I hold BFA in Communication Design with minor in Human Computer Interaction from CMU. After graduation, I worked as a software product designer at IBM.

While working for IBM, I had wonderful opportunity to collaborate with brilliant people from different fields and background on multiple interesting projects ranging from cognitive computing to mainframe. During the process, I learned that user-centered design approach can seem costly to different stakeholders, and thus I need to better equip myself to be able to explain the importance of user-centered design. This is why I decided to come back to school. During my time at CMU, I want to explore how advance technology we have today can transform our everyday lives, especially in healthcare context.

I have two little puppies, love to eat sushi with sake or wine, then sleep with jazz music on.

Mungji and Rombi