Hey, I’m Joe!

Seminar One: Context and Perspectives For Design in Flux

“Plane Wall” SHoP Office NYC

Where I am coming from + Where I look to go

I am a native New Yorker and a graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture. After leaving the collar city in 2013, I moved to Brooklyn to work as a designer at the NYC based architecture studio SHoP Architects. In my four years at SHoP, I engaged in work that grappled with issues surrounding digital fabrication, culture, scale, and politics among other things. While working on projects ranging from a new cultural institution in Detroit to a proposal for the Barrack Obama Presidential Center, I contributed to a design process defined by technology, making, and collaboration across disciplines.

My education and professional work in architecture has undoubtedly shaped how I approach problems and in many cases view the world around me. In the coming years, as I transition into the world of interaction design I hope to build upon my previous experiences but also take a step back in an effort to fundamentally reshape my understanding of design as it relates to technology and the built environment. The question of where I go after the MDes is one that I don’t have answer to quite yet, but in the mean time I look forward to the journey.