Hello, I am Jeffrey from Taiwan

IxD and Service Design Seminar / MPS Fall 2017

My name is Jeffrey. If there is one word that could describe 32 years of life, that would be Tortuous.

I saw an IBM 286 PC when I was 8 years old. The game is so fun that I immediately decided that I must major in computer science in university. However, it turned out that I was a OK programmer, far from excellent. Still, I completed my MS in network security on 2009.

During graduate school, I figured out that I liked to work with people and good at coordinating things. As a result, I chose my first job to be a project manager. I worked in an IP Camera manufacturer for 5 years kicking off many successful projects by coordinating resources from different departments and customers.

I was really good at this position but considering communication and coordination as soft skills, I needed to learn more solid skills in order to do the work better. That why I applied for CMU design master program.

I still not sure where I will be after finish this degree but I definitely want to be a interaction designer in the future.