10 Semplice portfolios you should know on WorkingNotWorking

Last week, we had the honor of picking 10 Semplice members who are also rocking on Working Not Working, an invite-only community of the best talent in the creative industry.

Some of you might already know, Semplice is a portfolio building platform for designers, and since we launched it a little over a year ago, thousands of designers joined the family and many of them built portfolios we are really proud of.

Below we like to share ten of them with you, all crafted portfolios with Semplice and members of WorkingNotWorking.

Anatoliy Gromov

Antoliy works hard, and it’s paid off. He was one of our first Semplice members and it’s been incredible to see his work evolve. Damn fine use of icons and color.

Visit Anatoliy’s Semplice portfolio

Pawel Nolbert

Pawel’s designs and illustrations are visual ecstasy. He did the delicious art on the Working Not Working homepage. Take a look at his work and let us know when you catch your breath.

Visit Pawel’s Semplice portfolio

Ryan Romanes

It’s one thing to have a vision. It’s another to flawlessly execute it. Ryan’s keen eye and self-restraint make for visual experiences that are moving in their spareness. Guy’s got taste.

Visit Ryan’s Semplice portfolio

Marina Esmeraldo

We have a special place in our heart for Marina’s bright, beautiful art. It’s why we asked her to illustrate custom portraits for our Semplice team members. Don’t you feel pumped up just looking at her designs?

Visit Marina’s Semplice portfolio

Verena Michelitsch

We can pretty much put an ‘=’ between Verena and pristine, elegant work. She keeps her portfolio clean and simple because her designs say all that needs to be said.

Visit Verena’s Semplice portfolio

Annika Weller

You may think Annika uses some kind of white magic to turn serious corporate projects into playful, exciting experiences, but it’s simply pure talent.

Visit Annika’s Semplice portfolio

Cathrine Understrup

Somehow we think Cathrine has more fun than most people. We’d play assistant and hold her scissors and pencil for a day, just to see her creative brain at work.

Visit Cathrine’s Semplice portfolio

Diego Aguilar

Diego is a digital hero. His humble portfolio features the likes of Spotify, Nike and Mars. Don’t forget to send us a postcard from the top, OK Diego?

Visit Diego’s Semplice portfolio

Christina Michelitsch

How do you create work that’s both beautiful and functional? Ask Christina. Her designs are purposeful and playful and just plain cool.

Visit Christina’s Semplice portfolio

Nidia Dias

Surreal, cinematic, stunning. Every one of Nidia’s projects makes us feel like we’re on an epic adventure.

Visit Nidia’s Semplice portfolio

I hope you found some inspiration from these ten Semplice portfolios for either your own portfolio or your future projects.

Happy Sunday,

Thanks to Lu & Lizzy for your support on this article!

Tobias is a Designer & Maker + Co-Founder of Semplice, a new portfolio platform for designers. Also host of the show NTMY — Previously Art Director & Design Lead at Spotify & Board of Directors AIGA New York.