Our favorite custom Semplice portfolios

Now already 10 months ago we launched Semplice, a new tool to build custom portfolios & case studies for designers. Since then, thousands of designers have created impressive portfolios using the platform.

Our goal is to give you a tool that you can fully hack and customize, even if you don’t know how to code. Today we like to show you some of our favorite portfolios of designers who took Semplice even further, by adding a little bit of custom CSS or small tricks to make it stand out.

Our favorite moments are when discovering portfolios made with Semplice, even if we can hardly recognize they’re actually made with it — This is what we love about it. We hope the following portfolios inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Gláuber Sampaio

Gláuber successfully customized his start page and navigation while keeping everything else completely to the default Semplice functionality. We especially love his website as we know that he only had to customize small parts to make his portfolio stand out, while keeping the benefits of the Semplice platform in the background.

— Visit his portfolio

Jean-Michel Falligan Devergne

Jean-Michel is a french design director with a portfolio that immediately stood out to us. Surprisingly we found out that everything he did was completely done with the Semplice default functionality, no additional custom CSS code needed.

However, adding gif images on mouse-over is a little trick that clearly
makes a difference for him.

— Visit his portfolio

Kasper Laigaard

Kasper is a danish Art Director & Designer who impressed us with his beautiful and minimalistic portfolio. While each page was created with the default functionality, all he did in addition was customizing the navigation to something more unique.

It’s a perfect example of how Semplice can and should be used, creating portfolios that are unique from each other without relying on set templates.

— Visit his portfolio

Cody J. Petts

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. Cody is a designer from Minneapolis who mastered Semplice to perfection.

While using the Semplice default functionality for most of his portfolio, he added subtle details such as the thumbnail hover animation or the “uncovering” footer that makes the difference.

— Visit his portfolio


february.agency is a UK based design consultancy with a beautiful minimalistic portfolio crafted with Semplice. To make their look unique, all it took was to move the navigation to the center which is now perfectly in line with the overall layout on their main page.

Everything else was done completely within the default functionality.

— Visit the portfolio

Above are just a few of our favorite customized portfolios. You can find many more in our handpicked portfolio showcase or by joining us on Facebook where we feature a new portfolio on a regular basis.

Semplice is more than just a tool. It’s a promise to make something better,
to go the extra mile & tell the story of your work the way it should be.
Semplice is building with pride.

We like to thank everyone who uses Semplice, who inspire us and so many designers around the world. Thank you!