Semux Art Contest

Nov 16, 2018 · 1 min read

We’re happy to announce the first creative competition for illustrators in Semux community. You can submit your works starting from 16 November 2018 and till 30 December 2018. Please make submissions in #contest-submissions channel of our official Discord: , so the competition is completely transparent for the community.

Photo by Casey Horner

Only one winner in each contest will receive the reward, but multiple submissions are allowed. Semux Foundation reserve the right to use any submitted materials in official social accounts.

Contest 1: Create Semux Mascot — 500 SEM (1 place)
It can be Validator, developer, anonymous character or even animal… feel free to draw whatever you want.

Contest 2: Create 10 hi-res Semux Stickers for Telegram — 300 SEM (3 places, each winner will get 300 sem)
Sticker ideas (not requirement): Semux Mascot/Logo, Validator, Pool, Passive Income, Smart Contract, When Binance, When liquidity, Why Pump?, Why Dump?, X10, … Ideally all stickers should include semux logo or mascot.

Contest 3: Create 10 low-res Semux Emoji for Discord — 200 SEM (3 places, each winner will get 200 SEM)
Popular emoji based on semux logo or mascot.

Join our Discord if you have any questions:


Semux is a high-performance blockchain platform that powers decentralised applications.

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