Semux Core v1.4.0 has been released

This release includes incremental improvements and bugfixes since last version. Major changes are the block rewards adjustment and virtual machine implementation (in place, but not activated yet).

Meet the new block rewards: 
3 SEM until the 2 millionth block (the first adjustment estimated in Dec 2019); 
2 SEM from blocks 2 million to 6 million;
1 SEM from blocks 6 million to 14 million.
After the 14th million blocks, Semux will transition to a fee market.

This release also includes complete implementation of VM, but there will be no voting for activation yet, since this is a major change which will require a hardfork. The main purposes of this release are the adjusted supply curve and various bugfixes and new features. See the full changelog below.


  • Fix the 2/3 BFT quorum size rounding error
  • Start syncing when the number of connections is low


  • Fast block validation using batch validation
  • Add aarch64 native support
  • Suggest to use OpenJDK
  • Update error messages and descriptions
  • Add empty password shortcut
  • Update dependent libraries
  • Limit the number of validators on Testnet


  • Update the block reward function
  • Introduce the VM fork signal
  • Refactor transaction results
  • VM tests
  • HD wallet tests
  • Bump API version to v2.2.0
  • Remove blockNumber from *TransactionType
  • Add /transaction-result endpoint for transaction result
  • Upgrade protocol to support light client

Download the new release from Github

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