Meet the Sencrop Team: Mathilde

Customer Happiness Manager extraordinaire

Amber Ogborn
Aug 6, 2019 · 5 min read

To know more about customer happiness at Sencrop and the people dedicated to providing support to our clients, read on!

Mathilde in her element

It’s a lot more than just ‘millennial, start-up jargon’ though, and more than a fancy way of describing a call center or a hotline service.
, transmitting our company values to our clients every day, helping them resolve issues and keeping them coming back for more, year after year. It is a vital element to the whole client cycle, from on-boarding to retention.
But don’t take our word for it, hear it for yourself from Mathilde!

Customer Happiness, according to Mathilde

“It’s all about organization, being prepared for whatever could possibly happen.”

Mathilde and the boys: the team in December 2017 at Euratechnologies

at Sencrop is currently composed of three members, and Mathilde was the first — the first team member devoted 100% to providing client support, and the first of many full-time, female employees at Sencrop too!

When she’s not providing support to customers on the phone or chatting with them online through the app’s help center, she’s busy anticipating what’s coming. The team’s goal is to always be one step ahead of the customer’s needs, and that’s why she dedicates her down-time to creating support content that will be useful to customers, like the Sencrop FAQ, or our series of cleaning videos on YouTube.

At Sencrop, all support is conducted in-house. When customers call, they won’t be talking to an anonymous person on the other end of the phone line. Our contact is people-centric, and keeping this service in-house means that Mathilde and the team maintain control over how problems are solved. They get to take care of and hear from the people who matter the most: the farmers.

“We solve issues on our own. The front line should always be able to solve issues at their level and decide how to handle each problem.”

Mathilde, in a nutshell:

  • 29 years old
  • Originally from the South of Picardy, France
  • Customer Happiness Manager at Sencrop since December 2017
  • Speaks to Sencrop customers in English, French, and German
  • Based in the Lille office
If you ask Mathilde where she is from: “Southern Picardy, the small town of Breuil-le-Vert, the village of Canettecourt… oh here, let me just show you on a map!” ;)

Mathilde’s background


  • Bachelors degree in German
  • Masters degree in French Literature & publishing from La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3
  • She has always loved technology, which helps a lot for her role at Sencrop since she liaises with the tech team every day.

MWM (Music World Media), customer happiness manager
Teezily, German-speaking customer happiness agent

Her education helped her learn organization in order to be able to manage the amount of tasks she juggles on a daily basis, but also how to handle stress! Her colleagues appreciate that about her — she always keeps a cool head under pressure.

Her language skills come in handy every day, speaking and writing in German, English, and French.

Little Mathilde & her grandpa on the farm

Her great-grandfather was a farmer. Growing up, her grandmother told stories about life on the farm and kept a hobby farm herself. This is where Mathilde spent lots of her free time, surrounded by sheep, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

The people! Meeting down-to-earth people who really know things. Ok, so sometimes it can be harsh — but they always speak the truth.”

When a customer calls Sencrop with an issue, Mathilde explains that they are very clear with their problems and feelings, meaning they don’t hold back! But the best part, according to her, is when the team identifies the root of the problem and finds a solution. Farmers honestly appreciate their help and are quick to express their gratitude.

“It’s interesting to work in such an honest way, because in the tech industry today, customer speech is often formatted and very contrived. For me, we’re really speaking the truth here. You can’t lie to farmers — they know their work. They know what they are doing.”

The team spirit — we’re moving forward together towards a united goal. Transparency — honest, direct conversation — the co-founders don’t hide information from us. Everybody is involved at the same level. Everybody has a big responsibility to the team.

The Sencrop real-time precipitation radar — she uses it when she hangs her laundry outside to dry!

Mathilde is known for her many loves in life: beer, wine, and paté. ;) But she is also a big fan of cinema & comics!

-“The Wings of Desire” (a German movie)
- Le Roi et l’Oiseau (a French animé film)
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

She plays tennis and badminton twice a week with her teammates after work.

Playing Tarot. This is a traditional French card game played with 5 players.

“We get pretty serious — you can even feel the tension when somebody loses, but there is always a rematch — we play almost every day.”

An intense game of Tarot

If you want to play Tarot or badminton with Mathilde and contribute to useful technology solutions for farmers, check out our jobs site and send us your CV!


Sencrop is an AgTech company based in France.


Sencrop is an AgTech company based in France. Our mission is to help farmers to take better decisions in their daily job. We are the leader in Europe about ag-weather stations deployed in the fields.

Amber Ogborn

Written by

Communications manager @Sencrop


Sencrop is an AgTech company based in France. Our mission is to help farmers to take better decisions in their daily job. We are the leader in Europe about ag-weather stations deployed in the fields.

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