Enjoy freshly roasted coffee beans and exquisite coffee at Damo Kaffee Haus

Damo Kaffee Haus and Sakamoto, the owner

If you fancy a high-quality coffee, either at home or out in a cafe in Sendai, Damo Kaffee Haus in Honcho is a good candidate. Mr. Sakamoto, who had worked at a famous coffee roaster for eight years, opened Damo Kaffee Haus in May last year.

Damo Kaffee Haus is one of the rare, select places in Japan that is purchasing raw coffee beans from Matsumoto Coffee in Kobe — a renowned coffee bean dealer. Mr. Sakamoto roasts his coffee in a characteristically light, delicate way to foreground the original fruity flavor, unique to each type of bean. Enjoy it at the shop as he drip brews the coffee for you, or purchase the beans and enjoy them at home using your own preferred brewing style.

Located in Honcho, Damo Kaffee Haus is a small and very unique coffee house with a fascinating original interior that lives up to the quality of the coffee beans sold here. Come find your favorite coffee beans and take a good break with his heavenly cafe latte.

Damo Kaffee Haus


2–10–5 Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi

Opening Hours: 11:00–19:30 (until 19:00 for the cafe)

Closed on Wednesdays

Tel/Fax: 022–397–6603