Best Tools for Landing page & Opt-In Forms [Experts Edition]

and why to use them…

It is no secret that landing pages are the most important thing that helps you drive up your conversion. I have written in detail about why landing pages are so important. Since this is such an important subject, I thought I should ask industry experts about their views on this topic and more importantly what tools they use to achieve such high numbers.

These guys have a proven track record of driving insanely high conversion rates and have cracked the art and science behind it.

Few broad themes emerged from their responses which I have compiled at the end of the post.

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Here are 7 influencers revealing their secret sauces which drive conversions.

Tim Soulo

Tim is responsible for marketing and product development at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company. He also runs a small cozy personal blog called BloggerJet. You can find him on twitter @timsoulo

“There are a few good pieces of software for capturing leads that I’ve personally used and enjoyed:
LeadPages — I think everyone have already heard about this amazing set of tools. They have a very convenient editor, lots of integrations with other tools and cool statistics. Plus, they have a ton of educational materials on how to get the most of their tools and features.

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ClickFunnels — a lesser known tool, but it’s gaining popularity fast. The unique thing here is that you not just create a landing page, but the entire funnel behind it — with all the up-sells, down-sells and special offers. So not only are you converting visitors into leads, but you are actually putting them through a funnel and getting the most out of each lead.

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ThriveLeads — a good suite of lead capture tools if you’re using Wordpress. There are tons of features, but we purchased this tool for Ahref’s Blog purely for one single feature that they have — ‘One-Click Signup Links’. That simple feature is a killer for webinar registrations. Highly recommended if you’re doing webinars.

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ContentUpgradesPRO — this is my own plugin for Wordpress that I use on my personal blog. The name pretty much explains what this plugin does — it lets you create the so-called “content upgrades” in your articles. And ‘content upgrades’ is the best thing that has ever happened to blogging leadgen. I know people who convert up to 60% of their visitors into email leads by using “content upgrades”. Highly recommended.”

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Ian Brodie

Ian has been helping some of the world’s leading organisations with their marketing and sales challenges for over 20 years. You can find him on twitter @ianbrodie

“I use two different tools. If I want something with a decent, high converting design up quickly then I use Leadpages. There’s no faster tool to get a landing page up and running and it has the biggest library of high converting templates. If I want to tweak and test I use Thrive Content Builder/Landing Pages. I find it easy to use, very flexible, and it links well with Thrive Leads which I use for scroll mats, popups and other optin boxes on my site. There are some features (such as smartlinks which switch the states of optin forms depending on the subscription status of the visitor) which you just can’t get with other systems. And it has the best integration with Active Campaign which is my email system of choice.”

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Dave Schneider

David is the Content Director at NinjaOutreach an all in one Influencer Outreach software for marketers. He blogs about business and you can also find him on twitter @ninjaoutreach

“We use LeadPages. I like them because they integrate with a lot of other tools, are easy to use, and have a lot of great templates that you can choose from. You can create a great looking landing page in just 5 minutes. So, I recommend them highly.”

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Ramsay Taplin

Ramsay is well-know online marketer and creator of Blog Tyrant. He gained a huge following blogging anonymously for a few years. You can find him on twitter @blogtyrant

“One of my favorite tools at the moment is Boxzilla — the new version of Scroll Triggered Boxes. This is a simple plugin that gives you a non-invasive way to show a pop up-style box that either promotes your mailing list or some other offer. For example, on most pages I use it to promote my mailing list, but on this post about starting a blog I use it to promote our tutorials on how to get set up when you’re a new blogger. So you can customize it to the readers’ needs.”

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Siddharth Bharath

Siddharth is an entrepreneur, a digital marketer and a writer. He is currently the VP of Growth at Thinkific, a software that allows you to create and sell online courses.You can find him on twitter @siddharth87

“For opt-in forms we use Optinmonster and Sumome. They both have great features for testing different messages and targeting the right visitors. For landing pages, LeadPages and Unbounce are good tools. They’re easy to use and have drag and drop design tools.”

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Peep Laja

Peep is an entrepreneur and a conversion optimization champion. He loves driving change and growth through digital optimization. Truly a goto guy for conversion rate optimization. You can find him on twitter @peeplaja

“I like Unbounce for landing pages. Has the best-in-class feature set, really quick to build impressive pages. It integrates with whatever you need.”

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Danavir Sarria

Danavir is the founder of CopyMonk. He has been an entrepreneur in the fields of fitness, dating, self-defense. He is on twitter @danavirsarria

“Right now, I use 2 pieces of software. I use Clickfunnels to create all of my landing pages and I use to create the opt-in forms for my content upgrades. I use Clickfunnels because its ease of use and you can create entire funnels with it. I use because they have a content upgrade feature that also uses viral sharing to get more traffic to your site after people sign up for your initial lead magnet.”

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So, here are the broad themes on what are the most important things that make up a great landing page and opt-in forms tool.

1. Integrations

4/7 experts mentioned that this is the most important thing they look for. This does not come as a surprise since collecting user details from landing page is not the end goal. You need to let the down stream systems (typically email marketing automation systems) know about that lead and trigger further action to convert that lead to a customer.

2. Ease of use

Ease of use also ranks pretty high on the list. Creating landing pages is not a one-time activity. You need to do it every now and then when ever you are doing a new marketing campaign. A tool that is easy to use goes a long way in saving time and also just a mere experience of getting things done fast is invaluable.

3. Readymade high converting templates

This is just an extension to the ease of use. The fastest way to design something is not design it at all. If there are enough templates that are used by most of the people then that’s a big win.

4. Custom design capabilities

For cases where an out of the box template is not available, it should be very easy to change the design.

5. Exhaustive Stats with A/B Testing Capabilities

You would be running a lot of experiments on your landing pages to see which one works the best. Tools which provide enough data along with ways to easily test which landing pages are performing best wins.

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Now is your time to chip in and answer (in comments) the same question and I asked these experts— “what tool or software you use for Landing Pages and opt-in forms, and why you use them.?”

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