How to do Email Campaigns effectively at scale (Part 1)

People usually underestimate the power of email as a channel of communication and what it can do for their business if used effectively. We at SendX know a bit about email and how to make it work for you. Essentially, you need to do 3 things correctly to ensure that the recipients are engaging with your emails.

  1. Making sure that the email lands in the recipients Primary Inbox (not in Promotional, Updates etc).
  2. Making sure that the user opens your email after reading the subject line. Remember — Having a correct subject line is more often that not a deal breaker.
  3. Making sure that the email’s content is personalised, engaging and with a clear call to action.

That’s it.

Now let’s dive deep into each of them and see how they work.

Making sure that the email lands in the recipients Primary Inbox

There can be no room for error here. If your email lands at any other place except recipients primary inbox, it is as good as dead-on-arrival.

Here top 5 things to keep in mind:

A). Use few or no images in your email body. This might sound counter-intuitive to folks coming from creative/design driven industries but having a text only email makes a huge difference.

Not only that, Gmail clips any Email whose HTML size is greater than 102KB (so, make sure you never do base64 embedding of your images). This also results in your tracking code (used to detect email open and click) and the unsubscribe link for the email getting clipped. Don’t be surprised if the recipient marks your email as SPAM since he would not be able to find an easy way to opt out of this partially broken email. Ouch!

B). Avoid using salesy words like ‘Sale’, ‘Discount’ in your email body. Such words and phrases can easily be identified by email clients and the email gets marked as promotional.

Example of an email having a lot of salesy words like ‘discount’, ‘sale’, ‘offer’ etc.

C). Never SPAM. Spamming will eventually hurt your domain reputation and more often than not the damage would be irreversible. You can check the reputation of your domain using various online tools. There has been enough written about SPAM. It has been a problem with the email ecosystem ever since. There are highly sophisticated SPAM filter, to get rid of unwanted emails. Again, as a rule of thumb — Do not SPAM.

D). Choosing the right email service provider who is more focused on high inbox deliverability rather than bulk emails services. Most of the email service providers use a common server to send out emails to a lot of their customers, which means your deliverability might get affected because of someone else bad behaviour. Choose an email provider who is focused on engagement rather than bulk emails. For example — we see as high as 60% open rates on campaign emails for most of our customers, thanks to our deliverability and engagement driven approach.

Email campaign over view of SendX’s internal campaigns

E). There are a bunch of other factors that are not completely in your control . Like the profile of the recipient and preferences he has set. Gmail, for example would mark most emails from a specific category as non-promotional if a user shows good engagement with such emails. Your current domain reputation also matters and if you have inherited bad reputation then there is little you can do right away to get great in-boxing.

Email’s Subject is the most important text of your email.

On reading it your recipient should feel an immediate urge to open the email and read it fully.

I will soon be writing about this in detail in the follow-up post. So stay tuned.

Part 2 and Part 3 of the series are up.

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