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Congratulations Collins for becoming the Partner of the Month.

Collins has worked hard to become the Partner of the Month. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty by surpassing all of his KPIs. Through all his hard work, he remains happy and positive which makes him an exceptional Partner.

Collins was really excited for his interview. Here are a few things he wanted to share:

#1 in his high school

“I was in a class of forty, and I was the very best in my class. Unfortunately, due to financial issues, I did not make it to a university. I had to support my two sisters so that they could finish school. We were orphaned so my brother and I had to support.”

From a polygamous family

“I have four sisters and four brothers. From the same mother we are four: two boys, two girls. But you would never know the difference between my full siblings and my half siblings. We are all very close. You would never know which of us came from which mother.”

Used to be an emergency responder

“When there is a distress, somebody would press an alarm, and we would respond. The funny part is that we wouldn’t know how serious the call was, so we had to take them all seriously. It could be armed robbers, and I only had a rungu. It was scary to face such threats.”


“I can work from Monday to Monday, and I don’t even mind working up to 1 AM. I like this about myself. Especially when I’m engaged in my work, it does not even feel like work. At Sendy, I set targets everyday, and I am so focused on hitting those targets that time passes quickly.”

Loves music

“I have never gone out to a club, it’s just not my thing. I would rather stay at home, put on music, and I’ll just relax. I love vernacular and reggae music. I like Bob Marley, Glen Washington, The Messenger, and the rest.”

Thank you Collins for all your hard work and dedication to Sendy. We are lucky to have Partners like you.

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