James Robbins
Apr 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are revolutionizing the way we transact, but the underlying technology behind it — the blockchain, is also changing how we communicate. While the number of times we transact a day is growing, it will always be dwarfed in comparison to the amount of times we communicate with one another.

As humans our social structures are built on communication, and as blockchain technology evolves, we’re improving the old ways of communication while developing new and distinguished methods.

With this in mind, we’ve taken time to shine a spotlight on what we believe are 5 ways the blockchain is changing the way we communicate and the promising projects behind the revolution.

1. How organizations communicate


One of the biggest struggles for enterprise is coordinating and communicating supply chain and logistics information between large organizations. Traditional databases are plagued with issues around accuracy, privacy and reliability.

Eximchain enables businesses to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely through their blockchain utility infrastructure. Enterprises are also provided with private solutions that can eliminate traditional supply chain barriers and integrate actors big and small into an efficient, transparent, and secure global network.

2. How we communicate privately


Decentralised, Open-Source, Blockchain, Privacy. It’s easy to get fatigued with the number and reuse of keywords in the crypto-world. But for a company that lives and breathes privacy, Loki is unperturbed. Their first ‘SNApp’, Loki Messenger, promises to put an end to the slew of privacy breaches affecting major companies with a decentralised messaging service that is both open-source and totally secure.

3. How we communicate in online forums


One of the lingering fallouts of Donald Trump’s 2016 Election win is the extent to which popular social media platforms had been infiltrated by organized groups and bots with a specific agenda. As the terms ‘fake news’ and ‘shill’ become more and more commonplace, a new blockchain-backed website has taken matters into its own hands. Steemit bills itself as a social economy, where contributors are rewarded with Steem Power, which function similar to regular crypto tokens. The important part to note is that by democratizing the reward process, Steemit has effectively rerouted the rewards away from shareholders and into the hands of contributors.

4. How we communicate with high value individuals


If you’ve ever run a website, you’ve likely received a handful of spam emails from those offering SEO and other marketing services. Influencers and decision makers have their inboxes heavily filtered and are still inundated with spam emails due to the cost of sending an email being virtually zero. Bitbounce creates a solution which allows users to gate-keep their inbox; only allowing messages through from people you don’t know if they pay a set amount in Credo. This ensures the emails that you get paid to recieve, have a real value and are worth your time reading.

5. How we communicate with email marketing


Sendy’s aim is to redistribute email marketing value by placing an ascribed worth on subscribers’ attention. In real terms, this means that with Sendy–users receive micro-payments for engaging with the content they’ve subscribed to, which in turn boosts the email sender’s deliverability and conversion rates. This exchange is all possible thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts on the Ethereum protocol. Created by the experienced team behind Sendicate and Smartrmail, it’s safe to say that Sendy is in very safe email-marketing hands.


With the recent controversies around centralized communication services like Facebook. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that we should pay more attention to decentralised services (dApps) and blockchain technology when it comes to the methods in which we communication. A combination of the immutable security of blockchain tech and the rapid evolution of modern communication provide an interesting stage upon which companies will no doubt continue to innovate upon for the benefit of society.

Liked the idea behind Sendy? We’re the team behind Sendicate and Smartrmail, and last year helped over 7,000 businesses send over 1 billion emails. We believe that a user’s attention is a valuable resource, and created Sendy to reflect that. If you’re interested in the project, check out our site: https://sendy.network/

Sendy Rewards

Sendy improves email engagement by incentivizing subscribers to engage with email campaigns

James Robbins

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Melbourne-based tech enthusiast. james@smartrmail.com | @JamesRobbins_

Sendy Rewards

Sendy improves email engagement by incentivizing subscribers to engage with email campaigns

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