Halfway Through

and I’m living on a prayerrrrrrr

Also more exploration and the beginnings of filling out my site. I’ve continued to look into my branding and explore different approaches to the home page. From using the divide between sides as a seperator to exploring boxes and gigantic letters, I’m trying to find reason behind certain elements of my branding. It will be imperative that I get this solved soon as our professor meetings are at the end of this week.

Mostly I’ve been exploring the treatment of the main image on my home page and the top menu.

While I still feel a bit like I’m running in circles, at least I’ll be confident in what I’m showing at the professor reviews. I’m also curious if a motion element might really help the site feel more interesting. It’s something that might push one of the more static, such as the menu, to be more interesting. I also still want to experiment with vector imagery a bit more as I think it could provide an element of anonymity? Like it provides that separation that I think will prevent people from making assumptions when they get to the site.

This is the most successful feeling home page image that I feel I’ve made.

The texture at the bottom of the image helps to break up the sterility/stock photo feel of the picture. It’s also something I can translate into the menu and even the logo should I feel the need to rework it. I think I will continue to flesh out this idea as well as one using the vector images. For the rest of today and Wednesday I will flesh out these ideas to present on Friday.

And obviously, I’ve continued with my data collection. I’m starting with the 2020 presidential candidates to keep things simple. I’ll plan to complete profiles for Sanders and Trump as they are the two most polarizing candidates at the moment. I’m also planning to organize the candidates alphabetically so you only know their party affiliation by visiting their individual profile or by having prior knowledge. This is to prevent any preconceived ideology.

Current running candidates according to NY Times. More will most likely join the race.

I’m not sure whether I’ll have a full InVision up and running, but I am hopeful that I’ll have at least two directions completely ironed out for my presentation. Also, I hope I’ll be over this cold by then.