Exploring Financial Software: MaxiFi Planner

Financial software is changing the way that workers are planning for retirement. Now, millions of Americans are dealing with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and are wondering how they will retire. Financial apps are one way to take charge of your finances and plan for the future.

Using software to retire comfortably

New technology has changed the way that we can plan for retirement. Planning for a comfortable future has many moving parts and it can be overwhelming without help. This is where financial software programs and apps come in. There are hundreds of budgeting and financial planning calculator apps out there, so how can you be sure you are choosing the right one?

What is MaxiFi Planner?

MaxiFi Planner is designed to help individuals and families make smarter, more accurate financial decisions. It’s a web-based app with an easy-to-use interface that acts as your financial planner. Input your financial information and get access to the reports it provides you.

The difference between MaxiFi Planner compared to other financial planning software is that it plans out your future retirement — it shows you what you can spend and how much you will be able to withdraw from your accounts.

An aspect of retirement that many people may not account for is maintaining the same standard of living throughout their life. MaxiFi Planner keeps that in mind and will project your withdrawals and spending based on your current spending habits. You’ll get discretionary spending recommendations and can input future planned vacations or other large expenses like your child’s college tuition. MaxiFi allows you to account for larger discretionary spending at the beginning of your retirement and less as time goes on. This is the kind of information that you will need for an optimized retirement plan.

MaxiFi Planner can help secure your financial future

When you use MaxiFi Planner, you can input all of your financial information to get an accurate picture of what retirement life will look like. Add in your salary, Social Security contributions, assets like real estate, and retirement accounts, and MaxiFi will create a financial plan for you. Once you have a plan created, you can look at a base or maximized plan and compare different situations to take into account.

This planner acts as a financial advisor and will give you suggestions to improve your finances, like recommending life insurance or annuities. While it cannot predict investment risk and the fallout from that, a major feature of the program is that it provides a plan for a stable standard of living throughout retirement.

Financial software is becoming increasingly common and many programs will help you create a budget or save money for big expenses. However, figuring out how to maintain your current living standard for the rest of your life is a feature unique to MaxiFi. It prioritizes maintaining your standard of living and creates a plan for you based on that. A comfortable, happy retirement is the ultimate goal for millions of workers, and MaxiFi Planner can help you plan with your highest sustainable standard of living in mind.

Can you retire comfortably? Secure your financial future with retirement planning software. MaxiFi — Learn More Now!

Your retirement planning resource. We connect individuals, seniors, retirees and families to local investment and financial advisors.

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Senior Finance Advisor

Your retirement planning resource. We connect individuals, seniors, retirees and families to local investment and financial advisors. Call today: (888) 346–0211

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