Senno’s API is ready! Take up the challenge to create the first Senno-based apps

Hello Senno community!

There’s been an exciting new development in Senno’s evolution! Even as our base continues to grow and gather more interest, we’re moving into stages where you get to take active participation in making building Senno and determining its future. Among the first steps on this path is the release of our API, and the first version is ready now!

To get all you developers started, we’re initiating a multi-stage competition to see who can create the best, most innovative application on the Senno API with the most potential. So, if you’ve got a good idea and you’re ready to get your hands dirty, be sure to enter! Oh, and there are prizes as well.

The first version of the API supports two main functions: textual sentiment analysis and facial emotion recognition. As the functionality of the API expands, new stages in the competition will be launched for you to implement the new features into the apps you’ve created.

Here’s everything you need to know for this first phase:

How to enter

  • Join the API challenge Discord server at and follow the instructions.
  • Submit your application using this form by July 2nd, 2018.
  • Approved projects will receive an access token for the API.
  • Projects should be completed in 7 days by July 10th, 2018.


  • Apps should be for mobile, desktop or IOT (python).
  • You must use Senno API v1.0 to develop your app.
  • Create step-by-step instructions for the app that readers can use.
  • Deliver app source code.
  • Make detailed remarks in the code of key concepts and segments.

We are looking for code that illustrates best practices, implements the app UI and does more than just put some list views together. Bring on the eye candy if you want to win! And double check to make sure everything works.

Winners for the first stage will be announced by July 10th and will be given the option to add more features to their app in the next stage of the competition using v1.2 of the API.

Stage 1 prizes

• Prize for participation — 100 entries

• Submitting a working app with source — 1000 entries

• 2nd place — 2500 entries

• 1st place — 5000 entries

Lacking inspiration? Possible app ideas include scanning an image with multiple faces, feeding each face to the facial emotion by cropping it from the initial image and displaying results for all the faces in the image or even comparing correlations between buzz and mood for different subjects and displaying the correlation graphically with insights.

So, get started on that code! We can’t wait to review your submissions.

Have any questions regarding the challenge? We have a dedicated mail just for that