Tips for sentiment analysis projects

If you aren’t using sentiment analysis already, it’s about time to start. You don’t want to miss the train on this one. Starting now may still give you a temporary leg up over your competitors and very soon sentiment analysis will be so common place you could start to feel yourself falling behind.

That being said, it’s also important that you don’t throw yourself in head first without testing the depth of the water. Here are a few tips for you to think about as you prepare to get on board with sentiment analysis:

Don’t spend a fortune — Yes, sentiment analysis is more and more crucial for business operations but it’s notoriously expensive, draining your financial and computing resources. Luckily, the technology is just on the verge of getting a lot cheaper and more accessible. And the next generation of sentiment analysis engines are also going to outperform the old ones.

That means you’ll soon be able to get what only the biggest, richest entities could afford and much more. With such a big leap about to take place, it might be better to wait for just the right opportunity in terms of cost before investing in some bulky expensive service that will soon be outperformed anyway.

Use it for everything — Once you’ve taken the leap and got a sentiment analysis engine you feel confident in, don’t let that investment go to waist. Assign some people to work with sentiment analysis full time or give all your departments easy access to their relevant tools on the platform. This way, whenever you’ve got a question about the performance of your brand in any area, you can consult crowd wisdom to inform your strategies and decisions. If you want to use sentiment analysis to get ahead of the competition, you’ll need to milk it for all it’s worth.

Go for adaptability — Don’t let yourself be boxed in by a sentiment analysis solution that will only be good for the next few months or few years. In a market that’s constantly in flux, you need a solution that will naturally change along with the times. The whole point of sentiment analysis is using the most modern tools to understand how your brand in perceived by the public. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by letting your system get outdated.

Senno is a great way to take advantage of all these tips. As a blockchain-based sentiment analysis solution, Senno removes the heavy computing requirements to perform this important task. It also lowers to cost barrier so even individuals could use Senno should they choose to supplement their every-day decisions with crowd wisdom.

Senno also shines for its adaptability heading into the future. By encouraging developers to constantly create new, specialized tools for the Senno platform, more people can have their sentiment analysis needs met in a system that naturally evolves with developing demand. If that’s not a good sentiment analysis offer, then what is?

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