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If it’s not on the internet it doesn’t exist. This is especially true for great content on startups and I thought it might be smarter to share a list of the best articles rather than doing a bad job at paraphrasing them. If you feel that anything is missing — drop me a note below or at markus at senovo dot vc.

Have fun reading!

Startup Ecosystem

Mark Andreessen Why Software Is Eating The World

First Round State of Startups 2016

Mary Meeker, KPCB — Internet Trends

Europe & Germany

Philippe Botteri SaaS Wars: Europe Awakens

Gil Dibner Venture Capital in Europe & Israel — Venture Investment Data: Third Quarter, 2017

KPMG — German Startup Monitor

Frontline Ventures & Point 9 — Startups and Venture Capital in Germany

Konstantinos Giannakouris, Maria Smihily Cloud computing — statistics on the use by enterprises

Fundraising, M&A

Techstars European Investors List

Pitch Deck Templates

Term Sheet Templates by Seedcamp and several European VCs:

Jason Lemkin How do I get my SaaS company acquired?

SaaS KPIs & Benchmarks

Ryan Law The Ultimate SaaS Metrics Guide to Smarter, Faster Growth

David Skok The Key Drivers for SaaS Success

David Skok SaaS Metrics 2.0 — A Guide to Measuring and Improving what Matters

Matrix KBMC SaaS Survey 2017

Openview SaaS Benchmarks

Byron Deeter & Kristina Shen State of the Cloud Report 2016

Insight Venture Partners Periodic Table of SaaS Metrics

River Cities SaaS Operating Metrics & Valuation Benchmark Study


Enterprise Features Discussion of typical enterprise features such as rights management, deployment etc

A16Z machine learning primer

Point Nine Land 12 Observations from a Tech Due Diligence Survey

Marketing & Sales

Openview Guide to Channel Sales

Tomasz Tungus The Marketing Math Behind Scaling A SaaS Salesforce

Kristi Hines SAAS Marketing: The Complete Guide for B2B Companies

David Skok Customer Acquisition: Maximizing your Funnel

Mark Cranney If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales?

Alex Clayton Examining the Sale Efficiency in Public SaaS Companies

Sanjit Singh How to Create and Measure B2B Leads in 2016

First Round The three frameworks you need to kick start sales First Round

Jason Lemkin How to Hire A Great VP Sales: The Full Video (and Transcript)


Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

Hubspot — Culture Code: Creating a Lovable Company

Eric Schmidt How Google works

Bridge Group Account Executive (AE) Roles metrics & compensation

Bridge Group SDR metrics & compensation

How to Hire an Engineering Team at Each Stage of Your Startup



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