Eyal Toledano
Oct 12, 2017 · 3 min read
SENSE integrates with GitHub to reward developers for their contributions

We have been building the Sensay community for over 3 years. Our community has spread widely ever since we built our first product on SMS, hitting over a million users within the first 9 months and now we are thrilled to say we are over 3 million strong.

The SENSE token sale is highly synergistic with our mission — to place our community of curious humans and developers first.

We’ve built Sensay on the strength of our ability to match humans, to perform conversational analysis, and to use machine learning to get smarter with each conversation.

While building a community with millions of members and tens of millions of coins circulating is a start, those numbers are relatively small in scale and reach.

With the creation of the SENSE brand and distribution of the SENSE token to create a decentralized platform to transact human data, we’re opening the door to access this data to the world, and we want to let developers have access to the token and accompanying API so they can materialize a future that makes SENSE.

In order to accomplish this goal, we are pushing the SENSE token sale date to October 23, 2017 @9AM EST so the developer community has time to participate in the presale. More than 12 million tokens are available for purchase exclusively by GitHub-verified developers and as of October 12th, over 200 developers have already contributed.

That’s the reason we’re reaching out to the wonderful HackerNoon community, to inspire and invite a generation of makers and developers to build on top of the SENSE network in a matter where everyone is truly aligned:

  • Users will have more ways to spend SENSE
  • Developers will get rewarded SENSE for user contributions on their SENSE apps
  • The SENSE Nework will gain in value and crypto adoption will increase

Why a token sale?

Publicly offering the SENSE tokens for sale enables us at Sensay to advance product development and to speed the rate of innovation in bridging AI and human conversational data.

By widely distributing our SENSE tokens to a global group of participants, we expect to align interests with our users by rewarding them with a coin of immediate value while accelerating developer adoption and network growth. We will reward a new generation of developers making SENSE to fund the continued development of technologies to harness and value human capital.

We take our developer community very seriously and are eager to provide first access to the tools and to the rewards we are building. To us, it just makes complete SENSE.

* Participation in SENSE developer presale depends on the outcome of our developer verification process. Visit www.sensetoken.com/developers and register for participation in the developer-only presale.

Qualified developers must have a Github account established at least 6 months ago with a minimum of 5 commits. $100 minimum token purchase, $2,500 cap.*

After successful Github verification you will receive a personal invite link from @SENSETokenBot on Telegram with a guide on how to participate in the developers presale.


Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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