Make Way for Beyon-say!

Mar 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Announcing Sensay’s official re-brand to join the House of Deréon!

Ok Sensays now let’s get in formation because Sensay is going full Be-yon-cé!

Sensay recently announced the hire of their new Director of Likes and Emojis Deven Morningfoot (interviewed below). The first order of business for Morningfoot was to rebrand Sensay as “Beyon-say”, a knowledge exchange network focused on the enrichment of P2P connections using the lyrics from Beyoncé songs. Morningfoot’s impact on the company has been substantial and here’s a look at how Sensay went from functional to FIEEERCE!

Why Beyoncé?

Literally, why not Beyoncé? The Bey Hive is worldwide and Yoncé’s music is deeply impactful. From here on all Beyon-says (formerly Sensays) will now only give advice using the wisdom of Beyoncé Knowles. We completely overhauled the brand and technology in order to pivot and the response has been outstanding!

Were any other artists in consideration?

We tested lyrics by global artists like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Adele. Though they are all incredible musicians their lyrics turned out to be confusing, somewhat offensive, and in regards to Adele’s songs; it made our users really, really emotional.

The epic fails that occurred with the use of other iconic lyrics. Savage.

What elements of the Beyoncé discography will be used on Beyon-say chats from now on?

We want to get all of Yonce’s knowledge to our chatters and we’ve acquired access to all of her past work. This does include Destiny’s Child lyrics, and yes, we know Michelle sang some of the songs but we don’t judge. A core value at Beyon-say is that all humans are awesome — even Michelle.

Can you tell me about your past work with “Becki: the Basic Bot”?

Oh… her. Becki** was a basic bot — too basic for my taste. She was built to respond to a command wherein the user would describe a task or topic of conversation that was about to happen. Becki would then tell the user if he/she “Literally Can” or “Literally Can’t Even” about said topic. After 3 months the bot was ‘so over it’ that she refused to work.

That’s when I discovered Sensay and their incredibly positive and functional bot and human chatters. The company ethos is beautiful and the technology is much more advanced.

How has the Sensay team acclimated to the change to Beyon-say?

Sensay team members are apparently huge Beyoncé fans! In fact #realteen Daniel Singer (Product Lead at Beyon-say and founder of Disrupt Cards) is known to lip sync to “Drunk in Love” at his desk. We did have some heated discussions, however, over the rebrand of the company’s name. Other options that we discussed were Sen-Slay, Sen-Bey, Beyon-slay, and Hotsauce bot.

The winning redesign of Sensay with type face and logo. Sasha Fierce makes a hot bot!

How have the initial tests gone? Is the bot doing well?

Beyon-say is literally killing it.

Oh wow! Sounds violent.

No, I mean the bot is slaying!

So, it murders people?

No, it’s blowing up!

Oh…Like a Samsung phone?

No. OMG! The bot is doing really well. The different tribes are living for all of Beyon-say’s incredible advice and life experiences. From farmers to teens we’ve seen thousands of flawless chats happen.

These chats are literally killing it. Not actually killing people, however.

According to Morningfoot the rebrand of Sensay to Beyon-say is expected to launch on April 1st 2017 and if you’ve made it this far in this article we suggest you get a hobby or go chat on . Because this was not real. #alternativechats #aprilfools

**For those of you interested in trying out Becki: the Basic Bot. She’s coming soon… and she can’t even wait to meet you.


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