SENSE Partners with Blockchain Terminal to Reward Human Knowledge of Blockchain & Financial Services

Brandon Hiemstra
Apr 19, 2018 · 2 min read

“Integrating the best third party apps from cutting edge developers around the world is key to the success of the BC Terminal, and we couldn’t be more thrilled than to have the chance to welcome the SENSE platform into our ecosystem,” — Bob Bonomo, President of BCT.

SENSE, the blockchain protocol for human knowledge, with offices in Santa Monica and the Cayman Islands, today announced a collaboration with CG Blockchain, Inc. (BCT, PL_BlockchainTerminal), a New York based company developing powerful sets of blockchain-based tools and services for the financial services industry.

Under the proposed collaboration, SENSE tokens would be earned for the knowledge work users do via integrated messaging on BCT’s Blockchain Terminal platform. User data would be attributed to both BCT and the owners of the data, rewarding both as the data is accessed from other partners in the SENSE ecosystem. SENSE tokens can then be used to discover, access and contact specific humans.

Using the SENSE Core platform, BCT users will have cross-platform messaging that provides knowledge attribution. In addition to the BCT token usage benefits, BCT users can earn SENSE tokens from simple engagement, increasing their retention by amplifying user incentives. SENSE could also accelerate user growth on the Blockchain Terminal by providing access to other awesome humans attributed on other apps and dApps integrated with SENSE.

SENSE incentivizes an alternate business model for the internet and social apps, one that empowers rather than exploits users, rewarding them for their time, attention and data.

It also provides opportunities for humans to level up to knowledge work and greater purpose.

“What we call ‘work’ is getting smaller, more global, more digital and more decentralized, and it generates a huge amount of data that SENSE converts back into opportunities for humans across applications in the SENSE Network.

Collaborating with BCT would heighten awareness of the most awesome humans in the global BCT community, and empowering each individual member of the BCT community.” — Ariel Jalali Founder and CSO of SENSE.

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Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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