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Sep 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Everything you need to know for the upcoming release

With the upcoming release of Sense Chat, we’re offering a look at what’s to come for participants in the closed beta and prototype of the first decentralized messaging application on the EOS blockchain. Below are frequently asked Sense Chat questions submitted by the community.

What will it do?

The Sense Chat MVP will come with text functionality, video functionality, and a wallet with the ability to send and receive EOS and SNS (the SENSE token on EOS).

How is Sense Chat different from competing messengers?

The basic functionality offered by Sense Chat is reminiscent of what might be expected of centralized alternatives, but the method of connection between parties, and the technology powering those connections are very different. Sense Chat creates direct connections between parties to conduct Live Chat Sessions and video calls. Sense Chat is the first decentralized messenger providing true peer-to-peer connections with zero data storage or intermediaries.

This is all made possible thanks to the EOS blockchain. The blockchain is used to establish the connection with only one point of identity: the user account or ‘wallet’ on the EOS blockchain. This allows users to connect and transact without jeopardizing personal information such as email or phone.

This stands in stark contrast to centralized alternatives (like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat) where data and functionality is regularly harvested and controlled. For example, WeChat has taken to disabling crypto accounts, even storing and accessing deleted messages.

What is decentralized messaging?

Unlike other messengers, connections are formed directly between independent parties. Alternative messengers offer encryption, though they store information in order to encrypt it; putting into question the qualification of that functionality right from the beginning.

Sense Chat is truly peer-to-peer with zero data storage in between. Conversation data is temporarily stored on the local device for the duration of Live Chat Sessions and disappear forever following the end of those sessions. Sense Chat is truly peer-to-peer with zero data storage in between. Anything stored is temporary and on users’ devices only, rather than servers that are outside of your control.

What are Smart Contacts?

Smart Contacts are Sense Chat’s exclusive means of connection and discovery. Smart Contacts are connections associated through an account name or public key that are exclusive to the account associated with your device. Sense Chat makes it possible to connect anonymously and securely without sharing your identity, and Smart Contacts is your list of these interactions and connections native to the device it’s on.

What about EOS account creation for new users?

One of the biggest hurdles for EOS adoption and dApps is account creation. EOS account creation on dApps holds a cost for consumers. To remedy this, Sense will create EOS accounts from our community allocation pool at no cost to the user, for a limited time until the cost of account creation is lower or free.

SNS Token

We are building a sustainable token ecosystem in the Sense Chat platform by way of the community. Unlike many other messaging platforms, Sense Chat comes with a built-in wallet that allows users to send and receive EOS and SNS (Sense’s custom EOS Token) in the dApp to transact as they chat. Whether it is a token like SNS or EOS or a digital asset, like a Crypto Kitty, users can transact freely and without associating more data than necessary.


Sense Chat will begin seeking strategic partnerships in Q4 2018. We are exploring integrations with digital asset platforms who could benefit from decentralized contact.

Sense Global

We’re creating the structure for the Sense Ambassador network, which will aim to create a presence on the ground in the most important crypto-friendly cities around the world, including New York, London, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Seoul & Amsterdam. If you live in either of these cities and wish to represent SENSE at local crypto events, please get in touch with a Telegram channel moderator.

We’re allocating rewards to the community for providing feedback during the beta period. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up here and secure your spot in the beta.

Be sure to follow Sense on Twitter or reach out in our Telegram group to stay updated or even just to say hi! We all make Sense together⚡️


Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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