SENSE Roadmap and Token Updates

What we’ve been building

As we build decentralized products for the future we want the community to stay informed of our product updates. The quarter has been dedicated to Sense Contact, namely developing Sense Chat, adding and improving features for Crypto DM, and further growing our global presence.

🌏 Sense Global

We are building our community globally & are expanding our list of regional Telegram groups. We now have groups for Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese speakers with more on the way. If you’d like to be a part of this or promote Sense locally with a meetup, reach out in our SENSE Token Telegram group.

⚡Sense Chat

We are developing Sense Chat, a full-featured live chat application with secure end-to-end video, live text chat, and integrated EOS wallet. The first private beta is scheduled to launch this September.

We are giving away 2,000,000 SENSE to supporters who contribute feedback in our Sense Chat beta bounty. Many have already signed up for the beta and only the top 2,000 will be eligible for the participation reward. Refer others to boost your position in the ranking! Sign up at to secure your position for the Sense Chat beta today.

👾 Crypto DM

Crypto DM allows anyone to add an ETH or EOS wallet address to their social profiles or any website for an instant paid message. We added SENSE to Crypto DM and are now integrating new ERC-20 for everyone to show support with. Which tokens would you like to see added to Crypto DM? Let us know!


Our product roadmap for Q3 can be found below. Look forward to Sense Chat in September!

Thank you for supporting SENSE!

— The SENSE Token Team

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