The Future of Owning Your Data

Crystal Rose
Oct 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Your data is valuable in the ‘marketplace for your mind’

Your mind is money. Do you know what it’s worth?

“We believe that everyone knows something valuable, and should be able to bring that knowledge to the world.”

— Crystal Rose

Your valuable data in others’ hands

The web has unwittingly created a source of free data that today is used for online target advertising, a market of $206B* in 2016. Every minute of every day that you are ‘logged on’, your time and your data — your human capital — is contributing to some platform or another.

Your digital footprint is owned by a duopoly that is quite well known. Each message you send, every URL you visit, even the photos you like and upload–all of this information is captured into the databases of one or many entities–centralizing that information as their own to use. This captured data is then returned to you as an advertisement, based on ‘your indicated interests’.

  • Data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race.
  • Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second by each human being on the planet.

Several other entities, all but you, are generating rewards from your online footprints. Every day, information is collected from your online searches and used to target markets with it rarely, if ever, being passed back to you.

Take back ownership of your knowledge base

But what if you, the end-user, could earn a few cents for every post you give a thumbs-up to, or every recommendation you make? As a content creator, you certainly should have that option.

You, as a valued content publisher, should have rights and ownership over your own data, and how that data is used by others. Sensay, for example, has enabled you to take back control of your own knowledge. You, the owner, choose what you want to do with your knowledge database and who to share it with.

Sensay is a step forward in meshing our world of humanity with the future of chatbots. Human connection is still a much more valuable resource than marketing data.


Own, trade and transfer your own ‘human capital’

When users have ownership of their own data, they can choose whether or not to sell it and earn revenue on that sale. If users earn value for every contribution they make to a network, the incentives align in the favor of all participants on the web. Your mind becomes your own again.

Creating an economy around ‘human capital value transfer’ thus eliminates the need for target advertising and all the emotional manipulation that comes along with it. Sensay’s alternative provides a better and more fulfilling experience for everyone involved. And Sensay’s is just one application of Human Capital in motion.

Our future contains 7 billion strangers transacting and sharing knowledge openly, without fear of missing out on its value. What will your role in that future be?

SENSE is the protocol for human intelligence. Join the millions of people making sense on Sensay and other applications. Find out how to make Sense at

*Source: eMarketer
Source: Forbes, How the Sensay Chatbot is Providing Actual Connection


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Crystal Rose

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Make SENSE - Human Intelligence (H.I.) - Blockchain - Chat - Messengers - Technology

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